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Jacs - What to expect


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My bleed was on 10/11/2013. It was a PSAH. My follow up is November 18th with the neurosurgeon. I am glad I found this website it is very useful in helping me evaluate what I am experiencing as normal. When I was discharged from the hospital I was not given any really useful information in regards to what I may experience during the next few months. They discharged me and acted as if in 2 weeks all should be well because 1 there wasn't an aneurysm and 2 that is when they expected I should be able to return to work. I was given Vicodin because I would have headaches but they should be gone by then as well.

Well, almost a month later I still have a headache every day but at least now it only takes 2 Vicodin to relieve it for the day but I am glad to say the pain pills finally work :) However, I am easily fatigued and still feel as if I am walking around in a fog. I go back to work tomorrow because I asked for an additional week due to the fact that I was so weak. As I type this I hope it makes sense because it does still hurt to concentrate and I feel light headed/dizzy without the room spinning all the time.

After reading many posts I see that my follow up will probably not go well because they don't have anything to fix. Should I find a neurologist? I will have a CT scan that day to. I just do not know what to expect. How long will I feel weird??? Why don't these neurosurgeons/neurologist have a clue what we are feeling? Doesn't anyone do research on PSAH? Are there no journals or papers which address our suffering? I guess I am in for a long lonely medical journey :( thank goodness for this website!!!!!!!

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Hi Jacs :)

A very warm welcome to you :) , so glad you found us and found the posts helpful.

It is very early days for you. Have you have arranged a phased return to work, so you can pace yourself and ease back into it gently?

There are others here that can answer your questions re PSAH and what to expect.

I really hope all goes well with your return to work.

Let us know how you get on.

Take care

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Hi Jacs,

Give it time, plenty of it !!

We survived that's step one.

We have to be gentle with ourselves, just look back in 3 weeks then another 5 and so on.

You will see a difference when you look back

I wish you all the best on recovery, keep smiling and Welcome to BTG xx


WinB143 xx xx

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I assume the PSAH is Perimesencephalic SAH. Mine was non-aneurysmal too. Check out what I wrote a couple weeks ago. I am hitting 7 months and still not quite myself. Went to see my neurosurgeon and you will see what he told me.

You are going back to work very soon after yours. People are different though. You may be fine but I know I am exhausted after work and I am part-time. I know all about the dizzies and walking around in a fog. Not a great feeling.


Hope you are feeling better soon.


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Jacs. Welcome. I hope each day brings you a little more comfort and steady healing.

The thing with an SAH is that regardless of whether they find the origin of the bleed or not we all got to have blood in a part of our brain where it wasn't designed to be. That's a huge deal and something not to be taken lightly and it's not that well understood it appears, but those of us living it will know and try and listen.

Recovering from this assault will take your time as everyone has said, your nerve and steady ,slow ,measured steps. It can't and won't be rushed as your brain calls the shots , if you had broken your leg back in October then you wouldn't rush out to Tango a month later so please be kind to yourself and try not to jump back in where you left off or expect too much too quickly. Someone will always try and help here if you need it.

My best wishes.

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Welcome Jac and once again so glad you found this site so soon!

There is much information here. More than I got anywhere else during the last 2 years, I asked my therapist yesterday "What is up with these neurologists are they not suppose to help us recover?" As I had seen 2 and never have I been treated so poorly. I was so dismissed that I thought I must not have a problem, Therapist smiled and said that if you can walk in and talk that is good enough for a neurologist and I think she was right. I do not know anyone who has had a good one.

Therapy or someone with some knowledge helps much, my GP is wonderful as is my neurosurgeon. But boy those neurologist could not get out of the room fast enough. First one never even sat down & the second never opened my chart or knew anything about me. I do not know where you live but my insurance Blue Cross Blue Shield did follow up phone calls monthly which was so odd. They did the same with an illness of my husbands.

Take it slow and do not let anyone rush you. I rushed back too soon and it is easier to get your self in check before using all your energy to get back to work. I worked and slept for 18 months that was all I could do. I should of learn to handle home first. I was not even cooking yet when I returned to work.

Good luck and take baby steps is my advice plus drink lots of water! Also may want to look up rebound headaches. I had that issue. I also had a NASAH.


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