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Hi, I'm Liz


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My name is Liz and my Mum who is 58 and is normally a fit and well PE teacher suffered a grade 2 SAH 4 weeks ago. She had coiling and then developed hydrocephalus two days later so had an evd fitted. She was in intensive care at Hull Royal Infirmary for 17 days and then in the Neuro High Dependency Ward for another 7 days. She was somewhat unexpectedly discharged last Thursday after the drs originally telling me that she would have to go to York for convalescence, and is now living with me in Berkshire for the foreseeable future. The drs were really pleased with her progress and I am delighted she's out for Christmas but a little scared to be looking after her after such a bumpy ride in ICU! I have no medical training and no kids so have absolutely no clue what to look out for or how best to help her recover!

She's been ok since Thursday, just tired and her eyes hurt but I understand this is very normal. She vomited quite violently this morning after toast and tea and I'm not sure whether or not I should be worried? She has gone for a lie down and seems ok. She was sick when the aneurysm burst and a couple of times in hospital, but not very often. She's been eating well up to now.

This site is absolutely fantastic so I thought I'd ask all of you experts whether I should be concerned about the vomiting?

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Hi Liz and a warm welcome,

As a site, we can't give you medical advice for obvious reasons, but if you're at all concerned with the vomitting give NHS Direct a call/or the hospital where she was treated for advice, especially as it's Christmas day tomorrow and it might give you some peace of mind.

I know of a few members who have suffered with vomitting/nausea problems. Keeping up the fluids such as water is something that I can only say is helpful with the headaches in order not to get dehydrated.

Tiredness post SAH is something that we all experience and for a lot of us, our eyes hurt or are sensitive to light.

Go and have a chat with your Mum and see how she feels .... xx

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hi Liz and welcome

im glad mum made it and is now with you please take your guide from mum she will be very tired and lacking in energy but as long as the water levels are kept up mum should do well

hopefully mum was given a discharge letter which hopefully you have kept open it, it will give you the information you need should god forbid should mum take poorly as Karen has said you can call nhs direct for advice or if you are really worried or scared something is not right call 999 they will not mind I really hope you enjoy the Christmas break and your time with mum good luck

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Hi Liz. Glad mum is home. Scary for you but just take things quietly. Vomiting can be normal, I used to get very dizzy and sick if i stood up to quick after sleeping, I also found it a little easier to sleep propped up and had an evd like your mum. Lots of water is good and don't get hungry but do phone hospital to check if worried. Take care and enjoy Christmas

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Hi Liz,

You and Mum have each other, all will be well xx

My daughter was scared at first, it's natural.

I ate too much and sicked over my brother, oops ! He said "Thanks Win I'll save that for journey home,

I had hydrocephelus and slept a lot but they thought a shunt would help me,

I had it done and am now back to normal. Well never been normal lol xx

Good luck and enjoy Christmas love to you both.

WinB143 xx xx

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Hi Liz :)

A very warm welcome to BTG...glad you found us :)

Lots of good advice above for you and your Mum. It is very early days at 4 weeks, your Mum bless her will feel very tired and out of sorts. As the others have said plenty of water and lots of rest. If sickness continues please phone for advice or get her back to hospital. At first all I could eat was a few teaspoons of mash potato mixed with a tiny bit of salad cream....that's all I could keep down as was often sick.

Wishing you both a Merry Christmas and very Healthy New Year!

Take care both and Liz you remember to look after you too. xx

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