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John new member saying hello


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Hi everyone

I suffered my SAH in December 2012. I was a fit and active guy into cycling in a big way, also worked as a Firefighter and always fit and healthy. So my SAH came as a total shock. I spent 12 days in the RVI in Newcastle, were they found I had one ruptured anuerysm and an un ruptured anuerysm.

I underwent endovascular surgery to coil the rupture, which was a total success. Then followed a lot of pain while the haemorrhage cleared. I spent the following 3 months off work, then just as I was ready to return on reduced duties, I was called back to the RVI to have the second anuerysm coiled (March 2013).

Unfortunately this operation was unsuccessful and I spent a further 2 months off. The decision was made to clip the remaining anuerysm and found myself back in the RVI in August 2013. Having a craniotomy and surgery of this type was extremely daunting. But all turned out well and I returned to work (again) in November 2013.

My own goal was to get back to being a fully operational Firefighter. I'm pleased to say that at the beginning of February 2014 I achieved this goal.

I guess I'm one of the lucky ones who has made a virtually full recovery. I'm so grateful to so many people, Medical Team, Family, Friends and my employers at TWFRS who were outstanding.

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John, great you shared your story, so glad you did and well done on getting back to operational fire duties. Stay safe now!

Out of interest how have you found regaining your stamina and physical exterior levels post the SAH and ops . Anything helped you especially.. I had my SAH in March 12 but still find that major exertion wipes me out:shock:

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Hi Daffodil

Prior to my SAH I was quite fit, I did lots of mountain biking and road cycling. I believe this was partly responsible for my recovery.

After my SAH I was absolutely shattered, never thought I would cycle or return to being a firefighter. But something inside just made my want to get out and try. I got back on my bike for the first time 5 weeks after my SAH, much to my wife's horror!

I covered just 9 miles and was totally wiped out, but I recovered and keep going out and regaining fitness.

I had a second coiling operation which didn't work, but went out on the bike the following day. My wife really went mad this time. But again I carried on and was determind to build up fitness levels prior to my craniotomy.

Building up the fitness has been fairly easy considering what I have been through, but I think being so fit prior to illness has a lot to do with that. Don't get me wrong, I suffer with tiredness and can certainly sleep at the drop of a hat, but I have been lucky in every other respect, quick recovery and very little pain since the original SAH.

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