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New here.. I'm Dana, 48 years old and 4 weeks into my SAH.

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Hello,I'm new here. . my headache actually began two days earlier,but those were nothing to the incredible pain that began in base of my head,I could only think this was like getting kicked in the head by a horse!

I assumed it was a migraine as currently, there are many stressors in my life.. but it got worse. I felt nauseous, my eyes and ears were pounding and throbbing.i felt weak.

Finally, I went to the ER, where after vitals,et Al. . A cat scan as ordered, when they advised us I would be admitted. . An angioplasty was completed and I was finally told I had a bleed, located behind my right eye, above my ear. They were unable to locate an aneurysm. After 5 days in ICU, I was released.

I still have headaches, I don't feel the same and I have practically no energy.

I realize I have this now,but as I read other stories,I think others had a way more traumatic experience. And I wonder, if it was really a SAH.

A week later,I was on the phone the with my doctors nurse who, as I told her I was not feeling very well, advised me to go to the ER again. This time, the bleed had been absorbed.

I finally see the neuro on Thursday.

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Hi Dana

A very warm welcome to BTG :)

You will find lots of helpful information and support here.

Hope all goes well with your Neuro appointment on Thursday.

Write down all your questions and take them with you. I found this very helpful so I did not forget to ask anything.

So many questions !

Let us know how you get on and feel free to join in and post on the forum.

Take care xx

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Hi Dana,

I had mine last April. I was just sitting there minding my own business getting ready to have dinner and wham!!! Thunderclap headache, dizziness, and nausea. I never lost consciousness and was told after the CT and 1st angiogram, they could not find the source of the bleed.

After two more angios it was determined I did not have an anni rupture but mine was from an unknown source and most likely a venous bleed.

You are very early on and I so remember those days. Drinking water helps with headaches and so does simply resting the brain. Give that ole brain a break and rest so it can get better. Take care of you.


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Hi Dana

Really early days , treat yourself as you would want a good friend to act, so be gentle, caring , kind and forgiving as your brain goes about the business of healing. It's invisible work but very hard so you will need to be that best friend to your body and mind.

Glad you are seeing the doc, hope you get some answers. Take each day as it comes.

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Hello Dana,

My surgeon said "No Stress" so passing it on to you xx

Keep calm although it's easier said than done, think happy thoughts (helps me)

So sing and smile when poss.

Good Luck for Thursday.


Win xx

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Thanks all, here of his answers.. I was surprised to learn I have weakness thru my right torso,my writing is difficult, and words escape me. Prepare for Exhaustion, and rest! Go for my walk,but don't over do..

So I'm already scheduled for PT,OR and speech therapies. Next Tuesday, another angiogram.. kinda scared.

However, I'm lucky,blessed, my life is the same yet different, I'm learning to see the brighter side and and be so grateful..

Even when some days are raining.

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Well done to you at hospital.

You will know when you are getting better people you love start saying "Get it yourself" lol

Well my hubby and daughter do. I play on it. Drat !!

I wish you well and look back in 3 weeks, then another month and so on and you will note changes.

Long haul but worth it xx I was told I'd never walk again but 72 steps so far before back hurts.(on a good day)

Good luck

WinB143 xx

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