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worried camper Stephen

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Hi Folks

Not posted for a while. I am a worried camper tonight. I have recently found out (thursday) that I am having regular TIA's for the last three months. This week I have had four.

Initially the hospital thought it was severe seizures in relation to my epilepsy (perhaps changes to my medication) that I developed three years after my SAH. On Thursday I found out that the professor of epilepsy has referred me to a professor of strokes. I have been in hospital and had CT, MRI scans that only showed the my brain was exactly the same as it was 5 years ago.

So any ideas or information from folks who may have a shared experiences.

Love Stephen (Clydebank)

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Firstly Stephen sorry I moved it from the green room as I felt noone would answer there because people go there to write what they are doing today and things xxx

Anyway I am not a doctor but I would get a second opinion the reason for this is my dad's mate had a brain scan for headaches (showed nothing wrong)

However he recently started going blind only for a few seconds at a time (still not nice) but his new brain scan is different showing about five tia's, so if your scan is no different from five years ago I would say you haven't had a tia in the last five years.

But like I say I am not a doctor but go and get a second opinion and good luck. Jess.xxx

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Hi Stephen,

All I know is my Dad had TIA's but he was 88 when he got them. He used to be shopping and stop all of a sudden !!

I thought he was having thinking time on what he wanted or getting a breath, some daughter I was lol

I wish you well and hope all gets sorted soon x

Good luck

WinB143 xx

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hi young Stephen

Im sorry you are having to worry again having TIA s is not good I see you thought it maybe epilepsy has the dr done an EEG which would confirm epilepsy? I understand how you feel I know that TIA's don't always show immediately it takes time to develop and leave traces of the site if there has been TIA's.

TIAs are not a good thing as such but I would push for an earlier appointment to see the stroke expert when you get it I would also ask that the epilepsy specialist gives you an EEG to put your mind at rest and to rule out a particular type of epilepsy. All you can do is wait unfortunately and trust in the drs. good luck

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