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Hi, my name is Kerry and I am 30 years old. I suffered a stroke may 2013. Only my vision was affected, I am now left with quadrantanopia. I have had all the tests and scans available and they have found no cause for it, just unlucky I guess. Waiting on dvla to let me know if I can drive. I have a little boy that was 7 months at the time of my stroke (he's now 17 months) but they don't think that was a cause. I just live in hope that my sight will get better and repair. It has improved loads since last May but I feel it has now slowed down.

I don't drink a lot, I don't smoke, I'm not over weight, I exercise, so it's a complete mystery why I had an occipital lobe stroke?!?! X

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Welcome to BTG Kerry.

In spite of what the health professionals say there are always exceptions to the rule. It appears that you may be one of them, sadly.

You will find plenty of support on here although we cannot give medical advice.

You may like to pop into the green room and join in the banter in there, although I must admit it is pretty quite at the moment.

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Hi Kerry

I m having a catch up in threads and realised I had missed you so wanted to welcome you. I am sad to hear about your stroke at such a young age but heartened to hear you are doing pretty well in your recovery.

None of us really know why I suppose, I tend to fall back on a saying ' it is what it is' , I was 39 when I had my SAH, like you healthy as far as as knew and you know what maybe that stood us in good stead to help with recovery , who knows. Anyway keep taking each day with a steady approach, find something to smile about and come and ask anything if you need to .

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Hi Kerry :)
A very warm welcome to BTG !

Always live in hope as I noticed improvements after 3 years.
Wise words as always from Daff :)
Wishing you well and keep in touch.
Take care xx

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Hi Kerry,

My bleed was from an unknown source. Never found the site of the bleed. Pretty scary stuff. My daughter was 7 yrs old and that is all I thought about. i do hope you are doing better. It sure does take a long time to heal.

keep us posted on your recovery.

God bless


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