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Didn't want to put the whole thing in the title so you wouldn't want to read it. Not something we really want to talk about or admit, eh?

I have endured it - on the leaky side - since the SAH. Have tried to cope by numerous daily trips to the loo to keep my bladder empty and avoid episodes. It's wearing, especially at work where a trip to the loo means dealing with doors - I have a difficulty with them, especially if they open towards me. I open them - and gaze at them - and then try to work out how I'm going to get past before they close on me again. My life used to be so simple but now I gaze at doors.

Well anyway, I've done that. But now it's got worse. Spontaneous oh .... - really. I don't want to be like this.

So far, it's only happened at home - until tonight, alone, and I could sort out myself. Tonight, I had to ask my husband for help - clean knickers and trousers. Tomorrow, I need to find out what needs to happen to the soiled ones (think he's put hem in a bucket somewhere).

I am simply terrified of this happening when out - and especially at work. Sorry, not a savoury subject - but is there anyone else who has to cope with this?

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Not after SAH and it could just be coincidence. There is treatment out there so you need to go to your doctor to instigate some. I know it is embarrassing but you do really need to seek medical advice.

In the meantime get yourself some Tena ladies or something like. You will find with this protection that your confidence with the problem will improve.

Better safe than sorry, get some, they are not only for the elderly.

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Lie on the floor back flat lift one leg off the floor and hold it for 10 seconds then do the other one hold it as long as you can. It will strengthen your muscles and also pelvic muscles it worked for me xxx I

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I don't experience actual leakage, but since sah I've had what is termed as overactive bladder. I need the loo almost constantly which is a nuisance at work, not least because my desk is as far away from the loo as it is possible to get. It makes long car journeys a source of anxiety as I often can't make it through a complete hour without going to the loo.

There are a couple of reasons for my issue, the first being that the catheter was left in for the majority of my stay in hospital weakening my bladder control. As the nurses found my urine output to be excessive, they ran some tests and found that I have diabetes insipidus which means my kidneys don't hold water well.

Add to all that the fact that after sah we have to drink 2 or 3 litres of water per day and the loo was a prominent feature in my life and still is now. In addition immediately after sah, multi-tasking is impossible and needing the loo at the same time as trying to do anything else was essentially multi-tasking and couldn't be ignored.

I was advised that 'just in case' trips to the loo are counter-productive because it means your bladder becomes used to being emptied more often than necessary and as a result is not able to hold much urine. As everyone else has mentioned, it's best to front out the embarrassment and mention it to your GP to rule out any underlying issues.

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Hi Victoria,

Pee head here, I was thinking if they put it in Olympics I'd win a gold.

It gets better honestly, I said to my hubbby when I first came to. "I cannot wear granny knickers please sob etc".

Now I am on a No. 2 and I wake up in the night so no more wet beds, I feel like a 3 year old lol

I do not wet anymore, mind you I stop drinking (tea/water) at 9pm and go again at 12.

You will get there eventually Victoria xx

Cheer up and join the club lol xx What others said about exercise is good pelvic thrusts I think it's called.


WinB143 xx Have pads will travel xx

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Strage but true, I have the opposite issue. I can't always release...esp at night before bed sometimes when you really want to go so it wont wake you in the middle of the night.

I also have issues with constipation as I can't push all that well anymore. Or my outer sphincter opens, but the inner one closes or vise versa and there is no coordination and yet, I need to go...but then I don't need to...but then I do... It is one more thing that some of us go through and yet don't talk about much. Why is that? These are real symptoms too. Are we too civilized? You'd think after all we went through in the hospital, we'd have gotten over that!

Here's to no more leaks or strains!


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Oh yes - the catheter - it took me weeks to work out that they must have done that and then I was stupidly horrified! How could they do that to my body - it's mine! I attributed the leakiness to that for a long time afterwards but, honestly, now, I think it's down to a brain that can't cope for me all the time.

Lately, though, it's been the other nastier sort of incontinence as well. Other symptoms too eg can't eat much, difficult to swallow so they have been giving me drugs to help with that which could contribute. Whatever, have now been back to (a different) doctor and been referred for an endoscopy - next Wednesday.

A different but scary issue. Think of me on Wednesday - it will help.


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Good luck, xx

I had a high temperature before they would take it out, my daughter said I went "ahhh" and fell straight asleep.

My hubby and daughter said no more. phew !! Thank goodness

While out I was dreaming a man was chasing me with a large pipe so weird lol.

Good luck for Wednesday xx Still waiting to hear from hospital as to my scan, it is the waiting that gets to you.

Be of good cheer and sing/smile.


WinB143 xx xx

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Endoscopy done - I have hiatus hernia and they have suggested different drugs which the kind GP I saw this last time has prescribed for me over the phone this afternoon. He actually called me - I'm most impressed! So no long wait this time. He's not my "designated" doctor but I think I'm going to stick with seeing him when I need to now.

Hope you don't have to wait too much longer re your scan. I will be thinking of you.


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