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4 years post SAH - Southern Girl

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I am so glad to have found this forum. I had my SAH 4 years ago and was fortunate to make a remarkable physical recovery. I've always been quite a serious runner, so I was in good shape beforehand and I think this helped me bounce back faster afterwards too.

I was out running after 5 weeks and working part-time as well. Since the doctors had given me a clear bill of health, I thought I would be back to my normal self in no time. I wish that someone had prepared me for the enormous emotional turmoil that follows a SAH. It has been such a comfort to hear other people's stories on this forum because now I realize that I'm not the crazy woman that I sometimes appear to be.

Sadly, I have had to go through 4 years of guilt and self-doubt and lack of support at home. I don't blame my family for not understanding (why would they since no one gave them advice either), but it has been very isolating. I have shown my husband this site, along with some of the stories I've read. I'm hoping that this will help him understand that I get overwhelmed for a reason and my ability to diffuse stress is not the same as it is for most people.

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Dear Suthern Girl,

Well done and congratulations on making such a good physical recovery. I am sure we all sympathise with your feelings of isolation, I know I do. I look ok and people assume that I've recovered, and to a degree I have, but looks disguise how awful I usually feel. I have been left with ataxia and some speech difficulties, and terrible fatigue, so while it is great to look ok, the reality is that ny body lets me down and fails me if I push too hard. My mind is pretty good, but I get very frustrated and it's hard to hold a conversation. There ares lots of good books about brain illness and its hidden effects, which can be devastating. Bear up! We do understand. It's good to be alive, even if everything is completely different now.

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Hi Southern,

We all understand, I had SAH in 2009 but I get left with little things like cramp and I cannot walk very far.

You get good days and horrid ones.

We can crack this if we have each other to talk to about aches, pains and so on.

This site has been so helpful to me, as I felt all alone when first coming back to the land of the living!!

I wish you well and Welcome to BTG. and always smile xx


WinB143 xx

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I am just gearing up for my one year mark and I do understand the feeling of isolation. This is the only site I've found that treats everyone with respect regardless of the severity of the injury. On other sites I've been disregarded as not being injured enough, as silly as that sounds.

My sister just said yesterday that she did not need the stress I was giving HER because her daughter backed out on me at the last minute to babysit. Somehow I'm the bad guy. Ugh.

Since I look okay I'm SUPPOSED to be okay! It can be a lonely world without folks that understand.


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Hello and Welcome! My SAH was 4 years ago too. I'm glad you have found us - maybe showing this to your family will help them understand ;) It's really hard adjusting to the "new you". I'm still adjusting.... Every time I think I have a handle on it, I crash and burn. Doh! It's ok though. We are the lucky ones, so I just focus on that. On how beautiful life is and how lucky I am to be here. Don't get me wrong, it's not all sweetness and light. My 13 year relationship broke down, I had to move out, I had to get a new job.... BUT although I know the bad, I focus on the good :D (That's not my quote by the way, that's from a lady who survived Auschwitz!)

Anyway, lovely to meet you!

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