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Lights are on

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Having a bad day today, I feel like the lights are on but no one is home. The only way to describe it, it's Christmas and the shops are all pretty, beautiful Christmas lights with sparkling displays and you just want to go inside but when you do there's no lights, no pretty display and no festive cheer it's just grey, devoid of light and pretty miserable.

I've probably only had, collectively, one conversation today, not because people haven't spoken to me but because I just don't want to talk is that wrong?

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Hi Anita :)

No its not wrong, its just how you are feeling today.

Its ok to feel that way, sometimes you just need timeout for yourself.

You are coping with so much at the moment.

Even the strongest have bad days and feel low.

Hope tomorrow a better day for you, sending hugs and positive vibes your way :)

Take care xx

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Totally normal for me that feeling you describe....the shut down, or detachment feeling is very odd when it comes but I think it's a self preservation thing but if it continues for any length of time then you might want to ask about counselling at your surgery which can help you come to terms with what you have just survived.

Hope today is better.

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Know this sounds weird but when I was getting transferred from the Hospital to the Rehab hospital I was in a Taxi and it was a VERY dull/dark day early December christmas lights in shops we were in traffice and I thoght Oh lovely dress, then I thought I dont wear dresses really much, & Pow! the lights were coming on for me....

Just weird to mention something that I thought strange happening to me...

Anyway No not weird you not wanting to communiate but dont let it go on its ok but can have an effect on You & others take that from someone who 'knows'

take care

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Take Louise's advice, if you bottle things up you will stress yourself out.

I talk ten to the dozen whether people want to listen or not, it is my way of coping.

Put some music on and sing along. Only happy songs though !

Hope you feel better soon.


WinB143 xx

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This time last year I was miserable. It was Spring and I was trying to survive this SAH. So, feeling like I did not even notice nor care that Spring was here is an understatement. All I wanted to do was survive and nothing else really mattered. I just wanted to feel better. Noise bothered and overwhelmed me.

There is nothing wrong with wanting quiet time and needing it too. This time in your life it about you getting better. Do not feel guilty for how you are feeling. We all need our time to come to terms with all that has happened.


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Yes there is this veil of separation at times. It gets better as you get more time out from the event. I felt like I lived in this world, but wasn't of this world...I felt like a visitor.

I also found that my feeling fluctuated wildly and some days I just made every feeling take on a momentous form. That was real. The world was just passing me by with its superficial Christmas lights.

Take care of yourself today. Realize that if you were another person, you'd give that person compassion and acceptance. What do they need, what can I give them to comfort? Do this for yourself, you are that person in need.


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