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Guest wendyseptember

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Guest wendyseptember

Hello everyone......Well my name is Wendyseptember , and i had my SAH 12 years ago..........How I do wish this site was around then........to be able to chat to people who knew where i was coming from..who understood the way I way feeling.

I have been looking at several of the postings, and can relate to many...but my feelings about living each day etc... seems we all feel that way.

Will write more again........great to know I am not alone... thank you

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Guest Cathy


I echo the others as you can tell I always seem to be behind but hey what the heck :roll:

!2 months or 12 years I guess it is the same emotionally as it has had such a change to your life.

One thing is for sure you are not alone this really is a friendly site. Take care.


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Hi Wendy-great name by the way..my wife is a Wendy and yours is very memorable!

Welcome to the site-It would be great to hear of your experience when you feel like it.

I hope you find the site useful (I know you will)

Best wishes

Andy P

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Hi Wendy

Welcome to the site, I've only just joined myself and they've made me feel really welcome. I had my SAH in December of 1999 ( so I missed that Xmas and the millennium celebrations).

I've been watching this board for a while but only just got round to joining (huge mistake), they're all so friendly and welcoming and I feel like I've come "home".

I've been very involved with Different Strokes since my SAH and always felt isolated (as most strokes are caused by clots) and although Different Strokes was born out of the need for support for younger stroke survivors (I'm taking a big risk here actually putting down in words how I feel) I am still the youngest member in my group (I'm 44 now) and I have different needs and problems than they do. Joining Behind The Grey is the best thing I've done since becoming a grandmother in February of 2005 :) .

I look forward to hearing more about you.

All The Best

Julie C


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