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Today is the one year anniversary to my SAH! We call it re-set day! My husband said it's not really a birthday and an anniversary is for happier things so today is re-set day! The day my brain took a holiday and re-set itself........ like a computer! LOL


I can't believe it. In so many ways it *feels* like yesterday. Literally. My cognitive deficit makes me lose track of time......... a month feels like a week to me! (These are the jokes people! :lol: )


I'm actually a little emotional today. My health is not exactly where I wanted it to be at the one year mark but because I survived what I did, I know take my health more seriously and do not try to "walk it off" anymore.


I still have a love/hate relationship with God but I'm always in awe, even more so now that I came through June 7, 2013 mostly unscathed.


I appreciate my husband way more than I ever really did a year ago. He took care of me when I was in the ICU in ways I didn't think he was capable after years of off again/on again marriage.  My marriage is the biggest miracle of this SAH journey. It brought us together and what more can anyone ask.


And finally, my son gained so much more than either me or my husband. My SAH taught my hubby and I that no matter what we are doing, if our son asks us to play, read, go to the movies...whatever.... we drop everything and we do it! My house is a mess because we don't worry about cleaning every weekend anymore. We can always hire a maid but we can never get TIME back so why waste it!  Love your family NOW.... not when you "have time." :biggrin:

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Hi Susan,

Congrats on the first year journey! I am right there with you in so many ways. Still waiting for the full recovery. Ha!

Yes, my hubby and I are much closer now and I so appreciate my family and life more.

Toasting life! Glasses up! Click click.


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My first year date, I too felt like I was not where I wanted to be.  I called it my 2nd birthday...so I was one, which was 45 1/2 in chronological age.  Then there was 46 actual, then two, then 47 and soon to be three.  I look at these dates as more important than my actual birthday because I can remember the event so it holds more meaning.  My birth is really for my parents to remember, right?


I can tell you that there are limitless possibilities that are coming your way.  They continue for me in the most astounding ways.  I no longer worry about where I park because I will remember it now for example.  What is next?  I am open.


Spiritually speaking, I think SAH saved me.  I am way more spiritual and way less religious...no more shoulds or expectations to fit into.  I really believe that the SAH happened to wake me up and emanated from within as an outward sign to change my thinking to feeling.

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Hi Susan


sorry its late, but congrats on your 1st year ani.


the first year always seems to be the longest onwards & forwards honey.


I definitely do have a different outlook now, & in many ways it was a good thing and am blessed...

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