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Phantom Smells continued.

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Hi All,


Heard back from Doc about the smells I get.  


The  good news is my brain is clear so they are sending me to see a Neurologist about the horrid smells I get.


They might tell me to take a bath lol.


Seriously I am so relieved that I have the all clear so thought I'd let you all know.


Coffee still tastes foul and I still can smell weird smells.


Will let you know when I get appointment but do not hold breath xx


Thanks for listening to me going on all you BTG'ers xx




WinB143 xx xx 

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I still get the weird smells Win and I've only just started to drink coffee again ... anything stinky just hangs about up my nose for quite a few hours after .... it's definitely a weird one and I've taken to keeping a body spray on me, so that I can give myself a quick squirt and smell something decent! Good luck and let me know if they find out the cause. xx

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Win, I am glad they are checking it out for you. I don't get the smells but I get weird tastes sometimes. Bet the is a connection somewhere in our noodle that isn't quite set up right but it's good they are investigating.

Hope the coffee starts to taste better soon

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Great news Win.


I find that sometimes when opening up chicken for example its off - its not really but the brain says it is which is a real bummer when you just don't fancy eating it anymore just incase its IS off and its NOT the whacky brain thing...


hugs Win.

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After my bleed everything smelt like poo! I am not kidding it was awful. My poor husband is a brilliant cook and tried to feed me wonderful food and all I could smell was poo. What helped was trying really hard to use my memory, remembering what food smelt like and ignoring the bad smell. The other thing that helped was forcing myself to be in kitchen when food was being prepared. I still get strange smells but not of poo, thank god!


This period was dreadful, I love food!  Now I find I can smell and taste but everything tastes different. I love curry but curries dont taste the same, they dont taste bad just different. Interesting I read up that about one in 6 people who have a bleed experience this effect but when I said this to Neuro people they said they had never heard of it.


One year on this Saturday and my taste buds are nearly back to normal but smells are still different. I used to love perfume but nowadays all perfumes smell of rotten fruit so I dont wear it!

Ah Well Still here!!!!

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The Doc rang my husband up (I was so angry) and said I was hallucinating about smells.

I want to really wallop him one.  Swears in silence about Doc  shhh *8*ache*  add any words you want lol.


Anyway I will see a woman Doc next time I go.  


Jenni glad poo smell has gone. xx


Hope you are all Well and have a good weekend what's left of it. xx


Win who smells of casserole xx  just cooked it not hallucinating xx

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