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Hello, Im Nita


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Hiya, I'm Nita

I joined in February and have been reading (almost) every day since. I have also been buying the mags and watching the tv. (Heather/Sami/etc) How do you all be so positive? You all cheer my day up and keep me going, because maybe I will get there someday too?

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Hi Nita

Lovely to meet you! This is such a great site - I'm glad you're finding it helpful. Everyone here is really supportive, as you've probably seen. I think we do all have our ups and downs to be honest Nita. Admittedly, this site helps a lot!

May I ask when your SAH was? I think I've become more positive as time has gone on. Looking forward to hearing more from you Nita,

Best wishes, Blondie x

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Hiya Blondie

Thanks for your reply x

My SAH was 15 months ago. The first six months I thought I could get back to the "old Nita". Sadly not. I seem to be getting worse. Tried going to work after 5 months, but couldn't do it and had to leave. In the last 15 months I have had 5 days (part days) that I felt the old Nita was there. That was Jan/Feb and I thought "yes, here we go" but it didn't continue and now I feel worse than when I left hospital. As you all seem to be getting better, i feel I may put some people off and I wouldn't want anyone to think it's gonna be like it's been for me.

Nita xxx

PS Used to be able to write properly. This just took me soooooooooo long and I don't think there are too many mistakes?????

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Hello Nita and welcome

As Blondie and Keith have already said it is a great sight and we all find it a great help.

You certainly wont put us off everyones recovery is different and we all have our good and bad days.

Look forward to hearing more from you.

Janet x

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Welcome Nita,

Your story sounds very similar to my own, like a rollercoaster ride ..... so, I can honestly say that I know how you feel. I'm also having a long, frustrating recovery and I only lasted 2 hours when I returned to work......I ran out of the office, got in my car and burst into tears .... I was a complete mess. Thankfully, I can now laugh at myself ... but, I was devastated at the time, that I couldn't even achieve working one whole day....

I don't think that many of us post SAH are realistic enough in terms of recovery time ..... I don't think that we are given enough support or enough information and by the time we reach the 6 month post SAH stage, we believe that we should definetly be back to "normal"....because, that's what we've been told..... then we go through a stage of beating ourselves up and feeling like a failure, as we can't reach our own expectations of what we should be achieving ..... nobody has told us, that what's happening to us, is pretty normal for anybody that has suffered a traumatic head injury, but in fact, it is.

I'm a bit further on than you are ...... I was 2 years post SAH in July ..... I feel that I'm only now, starting to turn a corner .... 3 or 4 days out of my week are now bearable .... I can remember at one point in my first year, having one good day out of 3 months. I also believe that I've probably been my own worse enemy, by not having enough rest and trying to fight against my brain, that was telling me to slow down .... stop reading or get off the computer! I can be a bit belligerent, as you can see.... :lol:

I've remained as positive as I can ..... that's not to say that I haven't had patches of depression and cried tears of frustration ..... It's also helped me to know, that what I'm experiencing is due to illness and not due to madness..... so I'm a bit kinder on myself! :lol: I still can't cope with noise, crowds, supermarkets, can't drive too far, have a poor short term memory, still suffer with fatigue, can't walk well and often feel as though my head is detached from my body, as they never seem to be in sync, especially when I stop walking, my head feels as though it's moving, but my legs feel about two paces behind me....the tireder I am, the more these symptoms are enhanced.

I have taken great comfort from what I've read about the experiences of other SAH'ers and their recovery .... I was quite shocked to read that others were the same as me and I've found this to be quite liberating .... I'm not abnormal, not in the terms of brain injury anyway! :lol:

You mention about the posts on this MB, being positive ..... I actually think that it helps to keep some humour in place too......this is a good place to come also, when you're feeling down ..... even though most of us seem quite happy, we all have our down days ..... but you also realise that it's just not you that feels this way ..... you can talk to other like minded people that will have experienced what you are feeling.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings .....

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Hi Nita

Like Janet says, don't worry about putting us off - we're all here for support, to give it and receive it, and the best thing is, we all know just how hard it can be.

Personally, I would recommend trying not to compare with the old Nita - easier said than done, I know (!) - focus on the new Nita, otherwise you will drive yourself mad. May I ask how you feel you're worse?

Take good care Nita, Blondie xx

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15 months on can just be the start of "recovery". Its not just the physical but the mental as well, how you feel is more important than any physical aspect of SAH IMO. If you feel well it doesn't matter about the pain and aches, but if you feel that you're never going to be well again that is worse than anything.

I have learnt that it's about taking each and every day as an individual event, yes they can be influenced by events on either side but thats for us to learn. When you've had good hat happened in the run up to them? Trends can be hard to spot, I've found that something silly like sleeping in is a good way to have a bad day look not only at that day but the day before (I don't know why but it is for me). Good days for me normally follow a quiet day or two, but the good days also are reasonably busy and the good "spell" can go on for a few days now. The bad times can be very bad, but now I think I know in every part of my body that I'm not going to have another SAH and the dizzyness and "disconnection" is just something I have to live with.

I'm four years on now, and even I have seen improvements in my life and health that give me hope for a continued "recovery"

Good Luck.


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Hi all and thanks for the welcome. :D

I'm so glad I plucked up the courage to post on here. I have wanted to so many times before, but just couldn't bring myself to hit the submit button! :?

The five good days I had were amazing.They were over a period of about four or five weeks. No pain....doing things without total concentration....being able to do more than one thing at a time....a clear head....no confusion....feeling fit and healthy as I was before SAH! I didn't do anything differently in the run up to any of those days....they just happened!

I do try to be positive, but it is hard work, as is everything I do now.I don't normally moan (much!), but it feels good to talk to people who really understand what I'm going through.

I'll leave it at that for now. Don't want to bore everyone in my first few posts. (I'll save that for later! :wink: )

Nita x

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