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New member - Andrea


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Good morning,


I am grateful to have found this website.  I have been reading for awhile and decided to introduce myself. 

I was recently diagnosed (March '14) with mult-TBI's/concussions and MVA September '08 which I received a subarachnoid hemorrhage (frontal lobe) and fractured C6 & C7.  I was told I was fine at the ER and I would recover without surgeries due to my age and health.  No mentions of TBI, hemorrhage issues to watch for, etc.  My husband and I had decided to conceive 2 months prior to our accident and I actually conceived 1 month after that said accident.  I attributed my symptoms to being pregnant and then on the new life I began as a mother.  My attempted returns to work in the past year brought to light my problems. 


My first head injury happened at 4 years old. I raced off road vehicles and dirt bikes for years and have been involved in 2 major MVA's. My TBI diagnosis has started to answer a lot more questions about myself. This is all a blessing to know and also a curse it seems. It has helped me understand some things but also opened new issues to figure out.  My neurologist said it would take years to rehab. It was validating knowing there is a problem with my brain. I had a neuropsyc eval last month and I am anxiously awaiting my results due in a few days.

Thank you for reading.


I created my account early this morning, however my son woke and was just now able to post.  Sorry for those whom looked at my profile with nothing there :)



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Hi Andrea,


Welcome to BTG, I had an SAH in 2009.


You will get there relax and think happy thoughts.


Long haul but we are here!!


Be Well, smile and sing (My answer to everything) !!


You will get better,  hard slog but with BTG it helps xx


Best Wishes

WinB143 xx No stress either xx

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When I came on here Andrea, it was such a relief to know others had been through similar experiences. 


I really hope this brings you a calmness, as I was oh guess that's my lot then !! 


I was scared and didn't want to put my Family through it all again. 


My Daughter grabbed my arm and said "good to have you back Mum"  we both cried and laughed.


So be happy and think happy thoughts when possible xx  (I promise I wont sing,  she lies)!!


Be Well


Winb143 xx

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My gosh.

Reading your stories here, I am learning what coiling is and now starting to understand my injury more. In my MVA, I had some old wine glasses in the car that were my then recently passed grandmothers. They were in my rig to take to my mother in law to etch (she is a glass etch artist). My hemorrage was stopped by two of those glasses breaking between my head and the roof of the rig creating 2 deep lesions and releasing the blood pressure.

In most cases of subarachnoid hemorrhage, is coiling what releases the pressure?

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Oh my. Read some about this and see now how this works. After our accident happened, my then fiance, now husband and I had to stay the night at the accident site since we were on a forest service road. I received hospital treatment the next morning after seeing my head injuries and horrible neck pain.

There were many writings about our accident.

It amazes me as I sit here 6 years later about how no one whom treated me in the hospital told us how intense my injuries were. Learning since my TBI diagnosis this past March.

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What a great dog you have and such a tearjerker !!


Glad you all made it xx 


My dogs were so pleased to see me ~ Both have passed on but we got a rescue dog she

is sweet but a handful.   My dogs I miss so much,  still they are part of us.(touching heart)


Keep well and happy xx


WinB143 xx

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Hi :) a very warm welcome to BTG.

Wow.... it is amazing you all survived your accident !

So glad you did and were reunited with Copper :)

Thank you for sharing your story, glad you found us and look forward to hearing more from you.

Take care xx

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  • 1 year later...

Been quite some time since I introduced myself. A few days after I had posted, I was diagnosed with Graves Disease (aka Basedows Disease) and I have been on a self learning roller coaster since.

That has brought me back to here after finding a study relating SAH and my autoimmune disease. It is uncertain if my SAH happened while driving or from the accident. I have had many instances of head injuries growing up and now I cannot help but wonder (a bit) if my autoimmune has been the culprit. It makes sense, but it feels like it doesn't, then does, etc. Who knows.

Not an easy road, but I feel blessed to know. It has taken a lot of time to recognize symptoms of both issues which do combine together, hard to distinguish which is the culprit. I have calmed down trying to figure it all out, that is just the type of person I am and really, I am my own advocate. It is just so darn confusing, but I have hope.

Re-reading posts here, I find I am in need of support from folks who know. I am now present with my injuries and have mostly accepted them. Finding my anger is trying to fade. Just so upset with the lack of patient information for SAH when it happened to me. No one in the medical profession caring for me warned of TBI/SAH post recovery. It is no where in my discharge info (well the diagnosis' of SAH/TBI are there) just told to rest a day or 2. I went on a walk 2 days after my hospital stay and almost passed out. Thought it was anxiety. Urgh.

Ok, somewhat of of a rant, sorry. Had a rough weekend that ended positively. I had an emotional up and down with symptoms and my family understanding. My hope is to find strength through your and my experiences, and similarities my family can identify with and hopefully laugh through like Winn has posted. I am still grieving who I thought I was apparently, or maybe who I thought I was.

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Hi Andrea :)


Never say sorry, that's what we are here for, rant anytime  :)

Glad your rough weekend ended up positively :)

So sorry you have been diagnosed with Graves disease...its hard enough dealing with SAH ! 


We all at times struggle emotionally, sometime up...sometimes down. I found it very difficult at first to accept the new me. I used to get so frustrated I could not do the things I did before. My family were and are very good and supportive, also my best friend. Although certain members did not always understand on the days I did not want to speak to anyone or see anyone...hard to explain how you feel.


I also came out of hospital with no information at all like you on what to expect...I was lucky a friend of mine Yasmin had an SAH the year before and told my husband about BTG....he found the site and set me up....can't tell you what a Godsend it has been. Glad you found BTG too.


Win is right :) it's good to laugh.....I try to do this when I say the wrong word or can't remember stuff, have a brain block, as I call it, severe fatigue, anxiety attacks, instead of getting angry with myself. Karen once said to me... be kind to yourself... wise words. Also try to be open with your family and talk about how you are feeling. I also went for counselling which helped to talk to someone away from the family.


I hope you get comfort from some of the posts on the Forum. Feel free to post on good days and bad. We understand and know where you are coming from.


Take care & keep in touch.

Tina xx

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Thank you so much. I am sorry to hear of your no information at the time too.

Why do you suppose that is? Lack of information? It was diagnosed, so why no info? Million dollar question. It just gets me when I think about it, naturally. Moving forward, never straight my MIL says. It is what it is.

Thank you for seconding the laughing and singing. It works. I am so fatigued in the late afternoons, talking is tough but I can sing and not have a hiccup in memory. Music has always been my friend. I get everything done in the wee mornings to avoid those late "I said what?" discussions.

I am now laughing at this. I have too. I have grieved long enough, too hard on myself because I didn't know. I thought I was somewhat losing it, also easy to do with Grave's Disease, which affects every part of the body. Scared I disliked Motherhood all awhile loving it. So confusing. For those unfamiliar with Graves. Search "My name is Grave's Disease", most accurate description. Typical searches will scare the you know what outta ya.

I wouldn't call myself a perfectionist but I like to get it done right the first time. That has been the challenge. The gift has been re-learning what I have lost through homeschooling our Son.

I am grateful for your post. I look forward to creating friendships here. I admit I was scared for awhile to admit this is my reality.

Finding peace now, thankfully.

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Hello again Andrea


sorry to hear what's been happening, it is hard to explain to people because we come out of hospital with little information we don't understand it ourselves let alone family and friends trying to understand it.


hope your peace grows and you feel good about yourself as time goes on.


take care..

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I know it sounds daft but we are the lucky ones although you might wonder sometimes xx


We are alive and we have a place thanks to Karen / Mods and Karens Family xx where we can give vent or tell others out worries.


A trouble shared is a trouble halved  etc..


Good luck on your Journey back to health and never give up Andrea, have you met Carolyn yet ? Carolyn USA,  yep you got it  she is from the USA also.  She has a good taste in music lol xx


So be well and any problems come on here and talk your problems over, it has helped me xx

Take Care


Win xxxxx Might have given others a headache lol xx

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