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A Radio 4 programme on stroke ; my life in my head..

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...from stroke to brain attack.

There are two, listen again, programmes on BBC I player about strokes and the effect including SAH if anyone is interested . I have listened to the first part and found it very interesting. Some consultants are interviewed that I have heard spoken of highly on here and McCrum was treated at NHNN as I was.

Here's the blurb ....

Robert McCrum journeys into his own brain to understand more about stroke.

Ever since he suffered a severe stroke in 1995, Robert has been living with its consequences. He says, "It's one of the remorseless side-effects of the affliction that, if you survive it, you will live with its after-effects and the conundrum about existence it poses, for the rest of your life." The demands of an ongoing recovery still have to be met.

This two part series is a reflection and continued discovery, twenty years on, of Robert McCrum's condition.

Producer: Melissa FitzGerald

A Blakeway production for BBC Radio4.

The second one airs next week . I shall be listening in.


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Hi Daffodil


Listened to the programme this morning and looking forward to the topic of recovery next time- thanks for highlighting it.


I am a fan of Andrew Marr`s Sunday Show - he has chosen to return to the stressful world of politics despite his stroke episode.


Take care-

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Second programme is now up. Worth a listen , especially for any carers as its sharing strategies for recovery and discussing ongoing rehab and treatment and healing post stroke. Lots of hope and increasing knowledge about Improving long term outcomes.

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