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The "Letter from your brain" inspired me to write this:


Dear family members,


I know you had a huge scare, could have lost me and just want to protect me, however, I have a few requests that would help me feel better:

Please don't shout" you forgot to turn out the bathroom light AGAIN!" Or "this time you left the butter out of the fridge!"please try not to give me huge sighs or disgruntled noises because I left my cell phone downstairs again and could use your help to get it. I know that my memory is not what it used to be and believe me, I am harder on myself about that then anyone else about that!


Pointing out every mistake just makes me feel worse and makes me feel worse about myself . In fact, it makes me feel like a dummy!


Please don't keep reiterating how hard this was on you as well. Yes, you had to drive long distance to visit me, sit in traffic, etc. and of course this made you extremely stressed out as well, but, telling me about all that just makes me want to say, "sorry that my stroke inconvenienced you." It makes me feel Like my illness messed up your entire life, and it may have,however, it's not like I planned it out!


Please don't continue to ask me what I got accomplished today, which just makes me feel like I should have gotten a list of chores done, even if they are contraindicated with my injury.


Please, please don't compare your past surgeries or injuries to mine! you can't compare and no two people have the same recovery even with the same surgery! please don't assume that just because I am sitting in my recliner watching tv that I must be depressed, even tho I may be, but there are certain people I talk to when I get depressed, and I know what to donfor hat.


Most of all, please don't tell me how"cute" I look. With my new hair cut. I had my husband shave the half of my head that the doctors did not, so it's 2 inches long on one side and 1/2 inch long on the other. It is also now more gray than ever! I also weigh much more than I would like too so I don't feel "cute" by any means!


Thank you all for your constant support, but please remember that my personality is different and I cannot help that! I am moody, I have to express my feelings now instead of holding them back, and none of it is personal! My moods are the same for everyone in a day!


Thank you for reading this far. I will do my best to be pleasant if you can do your best to accept that this is the new me and I really have no control over that!

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I sit here on my recliner also !! reading your post and I know what you mean and I am laughing as I re~read it .


My Daughter just told me she needs a rest lol  Well so do I xx 


Well said M Do you feel better after letting it out even though it is on computer?


You are getting better, see I told you they would moan  xx


Try Not to Stress !!  as my surgeon said not to stress . (sing and change the words to suit your moods) I sing non stop drives em barmy lol.


Hope you are All keeping well xx Yes even the family xx ha ha They Love you xx


Be Well


WinB143 xx

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Excellent letter to the family - can totally relate.


I have a woman at work who is ten years older than me and all I get from her is "well when you get to my age, you don't remember everything..." Her age is an excuse for everything, so I turn round and say "I'm lucky I reached my age, let alone yours and my brain is still recovering!"  It shuts her up - which suits me fine lol,

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I'm another that's been down the same road:


"You're looking well, like there's never been anything wrong with you."

"I forget things all the time."

"Pull yourself together man."

"Just get on with it, there's nothing wrong with you."

"You're tired - wait till you do as much as me, then you'll be tired."

"You should be better by now - are you just making an excuse?"


I've had all of these and more.  Change is an inevitable part of life. I've put on weight and become more grouchy at times, but it's how I am now.  What reason do they have for being grouchy?


I make mistakes but I have a reason for mine - do they have a reason for theirs?


SAH is our change and others have to accept the change and adapt accordingly or move backwards whilst we move forwards.


I like me, always did, always will.  If others do too, that's a bonus.  If they don't that's their problem, not mine!


Well done for speaking out Xmartz, I dine at your table!


Best wishes,



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