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Depression advice for my Dad by Jump

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Posted on behalf of Jump to create own thread.


Hi All


I am just seeking some advice Dad is very very low and depressed at the moment which I appreciate is a part of the recovery stage, I sometimes feel very helpless and am looking for some advice on how to help him. The doctor wants to maybe put dad on anti depressants and we are all worried that this may affect dad's recovery and interfere with the chemicals in his brain. What advise do you have as today was a really low day and Dad really didn't even have any energy to eat.
Thanks All x x

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I am a pharmacy tec and was always very anti anti-depressants as so many people take them. However after a particularly bad time in my life I agreed to take them. All I can say is that they have worked for me and have definitely helped after my SAH too. If the doctor thinks it's worth a try maybe it is. Anti-depressants get a lot of bad press but can help and don't have to be taken for life- just through a bad period which is maybe now for your Dad. He is more likely to make good progress if he is positive, so don't dismiss it, chat with the doctors.

Hope that helps

Clare xx

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I always found that mental activity was the key to getting over this.  In particular being around and engaging with other people.  When I was on my own, reading and looking at art, photographs, wildlife in the back garden (birds, hedgehogs, squirrels, fox) would occupy me for hours, researching my family history and so on.  It doesn't have to be a physical activity, just something that stimulates thought and discussion.


Being on one's own dwelling on what has happened is not good for one's soul I feel and these periods should be kept to a minimum. Try to find an interest in which your Dad can engage and talk about!


Hope this helps,



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I had severe depression after my SAH - it kicked in after the end of the course of Nimopodine.  I went to my GP and discussed this with him.  I was given two options - anti-deps or counselling.  I opted for the counselling and it was amazing.  It helped me to realise that none of this was my fault and that I wasn't going mad with all the thoughts running around my head.  I'm not totally against anti-deps but I wanted to get through this without the aid of drugs which to me - and sorry if this offends anyone - would treat the symptom but not the cause.


I agree with Macca too - interaction and stimulation also helped me a great deal - I did crossword puzzles a lot and I joined BTG and have been here ever since.  


I appreciate that we are all different and what might suit one, does nothing for another.


At the end of the day your Dad should be given the option of anti-deps or counselling, not just prescribed the anti-meds.


I wish him all the best in his recovery x

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Hi Jump,


Sorry to hear Dad is depressed,  I went to my Docs once when in my change and said to him "Doc I feel like if you went Boo to me I'd cry" 

Without looking at me he wrote me a prescription out for anti depression pills.  I walked out and got the prescription done.


I rang him up and said "I need to talk to Doc again...off I go and said to him "I really needed you to listen to me not give me pills"


I am going on as what I am saying to you is perhaps Dad needs someone to pour his feelings out.


After my SAH I was getting songs ready for my funeral but I found this site and it was like" Yeah there is life after SAH"


Has Dad got any close pals who he can talk to,  as it seems he needs reassurance he will get better. 


Shut up Win that's me running off at the mouth again lol


As some have said if he needs them then they might do him good.  I am anti  them as I find singing helps me and laughter but I would not

have got here without BTG and also being taken out now and again for a coffee xx Well quite a lot really lol xx


Good luck to you All




WinB143 xx xx

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