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Emotional wreck

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Had my coil embolisation for SAH on 6th july 2015 , just been informed that will be off work till at least Jan 2016

Does this mean my sah was more serious than I first thought and does anyone still crying after having the op

I have found myself really emotional and feel like crying for no apparent reason at any time of the day or in any situation, my short term memory is poor although my physical side is getting stronger all the time, just looking for some thoughts from anyone who is experiencing similar dilemmas

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Hi Davie


Warm welcome to the site so glad that you found us..


Think we've all had a similar situ your still early in your recovery even if you don't think so it does take time.


take things easy listen to your body when you need to rest do don't push, keep hydrated, rest, maybe keep a diary that way you'll notice how well your doing even if you haven't noticed... 


take care..

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I am post SAH coiling now for 3 years, I too had the same problems as you and realised that I was suffering from depression brought on by the trauma, I now take prescribed medication for that and I feel much better. (I realise that this is not for everyone but it worked for me) My short term memory is also shocking! and has never recovered but I am now back to normal fitness and hard at it at the gym.

I realise that I am very lucky and that things could have been a lot worse.


Hope this helps Margaret

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Hi Davie,


Hope that you go and see your GP. I would imagine that everyone here can empathise with you ... we've all pretty much had the same feelings and also coping with the shock of the SAH too.


It does and will get better .... but my advice would be, don't struggle and do seek help. The sooner that you do seek help, the better you'll feel and be completely honest with your GP regarding how you feel. I spent far too long thinking that I could do it all by myself, struggling and I was a mess. The brain is a complex organ and there's a huge amount that it controls, including your emotions.


Be kind to yourself and book an appointment.... I wish you the very best of luck in your recovery. x

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There is a phenomenon called pseudo bulbar affect (BPA) that happens sometimes when SAH has occurred.  It leads to crying and sometimes laughing easily at things.  I definitely have this.  It has gotten much better, but it is still a part of my life years afterward.  Usually, it clears up, I was told.  


It was really hard to deal with at first as I just cried over everything...it was sad...it was touching...it was so beautiful...it was so unexpected...it was scary...etc.  This makes it hard to get through the day sometimes and it is exhausting.   

There are some drugs on the market, but I opted to just live through it and experience it fully.  I am happy to say that I've learned the signs and am able to be compassionate with myself for not being able to control it when it happens occasionally now.


Hope you find a moments peace.


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Many thanks Kris

I can relate to all you have just written and recently have found it is getting better, although I do find it embarrassing when it happens out of the blue
Particularly when I am around people who don't understand what I have been through, I then feel I have to explain to them what's happened
And when they know that, it becomes more easy

Davie x

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I was put on a diet, well that in itself made me cry but the dietician kept mentioning my Daughter.

Every time she mentioned her I was gone, tears running down cheeks, me giving her dagger looks.


I think in my mind I felt guilty for what I put my Family through, and after I came back to the real world ,

my daughter grabbed my arm and said "Welcome Back Mum" see blubbering whilst typing it ha ha.


But she was sad also and had been so scared about losing me.   So from the time I awoke I promised myself

no one can ever hurt her again, apart from me of course lol  xx gotta go tears are falling still xxx   


It does get better honestly as now we argue again ha  xx


Win xx

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