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I was given some advice from a doctor to try out hydrotherapy about six weeks ago.  My left leg and arm are still weak/spasticity and I went along although I can't swim, I went along to the Gesundheitzentrum (health centre) for neurological problems, the physiotherapist has trained with people with brain injuries and she devised a special training plan for me.


I just love it, the last time I was in water when I was nine years old and in primary school.

Although my limbs don't always work along with me but I have found that it has helped me to make them a bit stronger.  I will continue going and I am no longer afraid of the water.

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Anything that benefits you, Myra, is great news.


Keep it up and let us know how you get on.  It's not always about the injury itself, but how you deal with it and tackle it.  Hopefully you will gain in confidence, meet new people and you will help and support each other to progress further than you could do on your own.





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myratas, not the same as hydrotherapy but similar. I go to an aqua fit class at a private swim school where the water is warmer than usual. The session is specifically designed for stroke survivors. Over the years I have seen very gradual improvements of movement in members.


If you can stick at it, it will more than likely help.

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Thank you Macca and Super Mario,


I will keep up with it and today the good news is that my medical insurance has agreed to pay for the whole treatment with transport to take me there and bring me back home, I often got extremely tired so the transport helps.  


I have heard of aqua fit classes and it's good that you go.  The water is warm but today they did not let me in the water because my BP was high but let me just dangle my feet in the pool.  

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Myra they have long foam (looks like a gigantic spaghetti)  and kick legs and keep that under bust or chin.


I was like that on my right leg and it still gets caught getting out of cars and hubby goes "Tut silly" lol and he helps me get my leg

out of car.  You will feel better even if you walk along in pool as it is exercise that you wont get indoors.


Wishing you well and do a length for me xx



Win xx xx

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