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MRI injected contrast products

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Hi all.

Am back in hospital in internal medicine this time to investigate the cause of my stroke and to see if there is an underlying autoimmune disease.

This morning I had an MRI of the heart. Half way through they injected a contrast product.

Twenty minutes later they sent in the crash reanimation team to bring me back. Anaphylactic shock and Quinck Oedema.

Not feeling great still. Reeling from the shock of it and how incredibly unpleasant and unexpected it was. Last few days here I had been dreading the Lumbar puncture that I was supposed to undergo this morning after the MRI. Now I just feel like throwing the towel in and going home.

It's bad enough that I had to tell my daughter that I was going to London for a few days for my company without snuffing it unexpectedly here in son MRI antiroom (I couldn't tell my little one I was coming back here simply because she has not got over the major medical shocks she has witnessed over the last three years with her Daddy and me .. Whiplash, multiple fractures and wheelchair, almost fatal pneumonia and pleurisy, stroke ... She hasn't been able to go to sleep since I returned from hospital in July unless I stayed propped up on her pillow while she falls asleep then she comes looking for me in the middle of the night for reassurance).

Anyway that's off my chest now

Hope you are all well and that Christmas was good.

Happy and healthy New Year

Signed in in my phone so things look different on the site.


Sammy Anne

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Sammy Anne, so sorry you are back in hospital and been through such a horrific unpleasant ordeal.... so very scary for you. I'm not surprised you are not feeling great and still reeling from shock, bless you and also bless your little girl. Sending a huge hug and lots of positive vibes your way.

I have had 3 lumbar punctures, try not to worry, easy to say I know after all you have been through.
Wishing you well and thinking of you & your family.
Take care and a very Happy Healthy New Year to you too xx

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Oh Sammy, you poor lady, how scary that will have been. Let yourself have a good cry if you can. Sending big hugs your way for having had such an awful experience.

Like Tina I have had more than my fair share of LPs and the only thing I can say is tell them you want the best possible person doing it, no risk of messing about now after all you have been through, they need to get the best doctor ( an anaesthetist in my experience can be a good person for the job they do so many blocks for things) anyway then it will be done and over before you know it and you can hopefully Get some answers . Do Drink plenty of water after.

Your daughter is rightly upset by all the goings on in her life but keep talking to her, do you have any services in France that offer support to children in challenging circumstances to talk about their feelings?, if not then maybe look at some online ones you could do together.

My youngest who is now10 and was 6.5 when I fell ill and still worries when I go off without them or we do something out of routine but I have helped her to see that life will and must go on regardless, so even when it feels hard, even when we get scared, even if it hurts we can still continue one step at a time. Keep reassuring her and she will regain confidence, mine still clamber into bed with me if they feel insecure and I'm fine with that, if that's what they need so be it. I used to climb in with them some nights

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Thanks Tina. I think I have to do an allergy test on MRI injected contrast products to avoid this happening again. If they do an LP tomorrow it will be number six or seven. Several previous have ended in the nightmare scenarios with needle in back vainly tugged in different directions to identify the CSF test area several missed attempts and me threatening to Xmas the teapot on their heads if they get it wrong even just once more!!!

Daff, thanks too for understanding where I am coming from as far as my little chick is concerned.

It is very expensive in France to consult a pedopsychiatre or psychologie hit covered by insurance. We did take her to four consultations where she emerged relieved having locked all her monsters in the cabinet of the osy but then I keeled over in extreme pain in front of her and she was unable to wake me. Then we spent sixteen days apart without even being able to phone or visit the intensive care forbids children under fifteen from entering and forbids mobile phones ... First separation since her birth.

In the remaining month she was able to visit me in a hallway for a limited period once a week. We have a very close relationship. I can completely understand how your two want to jump into your bed at night. That comfort is a life saver. I bought my daughter a beautiful blue angel from someone in Texas. It is by her bed side. That is keeping her comforted for now. No doubt will consult again in February.

By the way, for crying you're so right. Just did mine at the wrong time ... After reemerging downstairs I just wept and wept and wept... Felt silly... Then wept again.

Look after you little selves.


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Sammy, I'm so sorry to hear you have been through all that, how scary for you.  I'm not sure if you're alone over here, but I suspect you can't wait to be re-united with your daughter..


 I do hope things improve for you - it's sounds like you, as a family, have had more than your fair share to deal with. 


Best wishes,


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So Sorry Sammy,


Well you are back now, phew must have been scary for you xx


When you mentioned your Daughter it made me think what my SAH put my Daughter through.


She told me she was hurt by me being ill xx  See you have started me off now !! She is 40 but a Mums Girl/woman. .ha but always will be my baby.


Keep well and Good luck xx  and keep well for  Daughter xxxx They need us xxxx


Win xx xx

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Hi Sammy Anne,

I'm so very, very sorry to hear about the frightening complication with the contrast dye. I hope your medical people get this allergic reaction figured out so you never experience anything like it again. My heart goes out to your poor family; no one needs that kind of shock. I've never had children so I can't imagine how you go about reassuring your child that you are going to be there for her. I can only keep you in my prayers and ask God to make her angel very special.

Stay strong.

With love, Colleen

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