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First MRI scan (5 1/2 months since bleed)

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Hopefully my experience will give you a laugh.....


I was treated in Glasgow, which is 250 miles and a 2 1/2 hr ferry ride from where I live. To make things easier I asked if I could have my first scan in Inverness as I work from home but my main office is there so I can always tie a visit in with work.


So I went last week for my scan. The guy who came to talk me through what was going to happen (radiologist I presume..but he looked far too young to work the big machine lol). After going through all the usual questions he said "So Glasgow haven't given us much detail about your condition. Did they tell you what they did?" To which I answered, "coiled one aneurysm and left the other for the moment".


Then he said, "So did they tell you what type of coil they used? Not all of them are safe for MRI scans. Did they tell you it's definitely MRI safe?" At this point I don't know whether to laugh or cry! I said that I'd had an MRI before they released me following my op and...well if they're sending me for an MRI can we not presume it's safe?! He said he'd consult my notes just to make sure!!


Then nothing else was said but he did causally say when I was being put in the MRI...."now remember, if you feel anything odd in your head or anything hot, please just buzz us immediately."


As it was, it all went fine and he said he did an extra, different scan too just in case they wanted to see that too. Hopefully it's not an ominous sign and it was just him doing extra because I was there ....I'll just need to wait 2 or 3 weeks now to hear what they say.



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No wonder you asked to go to Inverness if that's how far you would have had to travel to Glasgow! 


I'm not sure that uncertainty about the scan was very reassuring for you, but glad to hear all was well in the end!


I hope you do hear something within the timescale - following my MRI last August, it was 9 weeks before I heard anything!


I hope your results are good,

Best wishes,



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Hi Andrea,

I had a similar experience a couple years after my SAH. I was having some nerve issues related to my neck and the dr who did my craniotomy referred me to a spinal specialist in his group. She ordered an MRI, which we scheduled at a facility closer to my home so I could avoid a drive to Houston. I had the same question about the coil and clips, except in my case they flat would not proceed until they received verification that they were titanium.

Fortunately, everything was being done within the same hospital system so it only took a call and a faxed letter, which I still carry a copy of. However, I never did get one verifying the hardware in my neck is also titanium, so I suppose the issue could come up again.


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Yes I'm quite sure they're standard questions....but they don't help my stress levels to even consider that the scan might be dangerous! They've got access to my medical files and I hope they'd make it clear what's been done and that MRI scans are safe for aneurysm coils! As I've said before, I really feel like I got very little information from the hospital...but maybe I was in too much shock to ask the right questions!

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I wasn't asked anything like that when I was signed off  by hospital. (sounds like I was on dole ) ha !!


I could just about keep my bum balanced on the seat lol.


I hope the results come quick and all is well Andrea.


Now all be well,  happy and fighting fit xx xx


Win xxxx

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