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Surgeons trial new drug to help brain haemorrhage patients

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Behind the Gray has been approached by Southampton General Hospital to help publicise a clinical study launched on Monday 23rd May 2016. 


"Surgeons in Southampton are trialling a new drug based on a chemical found in broccoli to try to improve outcomes for brain haemorrhage patients.


Diederik Bulters, a consultant neurosurgeon at Southampton General Hospital, and his team will assess the effect of experimental drug SFX-01 on patients who have received treatment for a bleed on the brain known as a subarachnoid haemorrhage (SAH), which is a type of stroke.


SFX-01 is a synthetic form of sulforaphane, a small molecule that occurs naturally in the vegetable and is part of a group of chemicals found in plants – phytochemicals – that are strong antioxidants and can help regulate some of the body’s functions."


To read the article in full, please click on the following link: -



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Wow Karen that is fantastic news for the future treatment of SAH patients,


I read the article and it sounds fantastic, any trial that could mean an improvement

in treatment has got to be welcomed.


If it lessens some of the problems that patients face post SAH then it would be brilliant.


I wish them every success with the trial.


Thanks for sharing this with us Karen,



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Hi Karen- it`s encouraging to learn that funding has been made available to do more research into dealing with the early hours and days following SAH. Any successful efforts to help prevent or reduce the fall-out post SAH will be great step forward.


Thanks for sharing and looking forward to any results from the study when the Southampton Neurosurgeon and his team team report back..



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Great news Karen, good to see Wessex leading the way. Mr Bulters who is leading the project was my neurosurgeon and although I don't remember any of our conversations, I have been told he is a marvellous neurosurgeon - he certainly saved my life.


Will be interesting to hear any results.


Clare xx

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