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Psychological issues

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Hi All


Since my SAH I've been having a few psychological issues. I've been through all the what ifs and I guess that's fairly normal after a life changing event. 


However, I have a dreadful fear of going out alone. I can't even walk to the end of the street!!  I have discussed this with my GP and he has referred me for cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). I can't rationalise these feelings because I don't know what I think will happen if I do go out alone. 


My reason for posting this is that I would be very interested to know if anyone has had similar problems and if so how did they resolve them?


Hoping you all have a good day


Nicola x

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Hi Nicola


Yes, I suffered from the same thing.  I was so paranoid that if I was left alone or went out alone then I'd have another SAH.  It's a perfectly natural reaction to what happened but not a rational one - and rationality goes out of the window for a while after a SAH!!


I went to see my GP after a particularly bad weekend and was referred for counselling.  It helped talking to someone who wasn't emotionally attached to me in any way, shape or form.  It helped me get rid of the guilt, the fear (to a certain extent) and the anxiety lessened dramatically.


 I would definitely recommend counselling or CBT - it would most certainly help you to move forward in your mental recovery.

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Hi Nicola :)


My heart goes out to you as i know just how you are feeling.

I was really scared of being left alone and also could not go outside my front door.


I tried a few times and just went to pieces, complete blind panic and tears, but i did not give up. I used a walking stick as my balance was all over the place, i also had double vision. First i left the front door wide open....i just stepped out and stood there for a few seconds, then went back in. I always had my mobile phone in my pocket.


I did this as often as i could on my good days. Eventually i would say to myself...ok,a few steps forward. I could see my front wall to my drive and the front  door was wide open.


After a few weeks i got to the wall and back :) it took me a few months before i could walk up the road a few yards to the post box at the top of my road. I could see it from my front door.


Nicola you will get there, it just takes time and patience and perseverance. I would get so frustrated and cross at myself. In fact i am feeling very emotional as i type this remembering.


From someone that ran their own business and was outgoing and a go getter, miss independent.  I felt like a total waste of space and failure. Felt i was letting everyone down.  My whole life was turned upside down after my SAH.


Things do get better, i wont lie and say i don't get panic attacks and anxiety now. I have good days and bad.


I think going to CBT is a great idea, i wish i had been referred. As Sami said above, talking to someone you don't know away from family and friends can really help. I had counselling  much later on and found it helped me just to offload without feeling guilty. Plus coming on this site was an absolute Godsend :)


I wish you well, you can do this :)  please let us know how you get on.

Take care

Tina xx



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Hi Nicola,


I was afraid I would die as I used to get my funeral songs I wanted (Wins Funeral will be called Win in Concert) sung at my death.

How morbid is that lol.  


Then  my Daughter showed me this site that had helped her and I found so many people who had what I had and they managed to laugh and joke about it, I started to laugh again and sing off key.


There is life after a brain injury and we can make it and laugh again, you will get there xx

Good luck and do what Sami said  xxxx

Keep a smile near always.

Win xx xx 

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I was the same Nicola and it took me a long long time to go out on my own.  If you can go out with someone then have them leave you for a few minutes then perhaps build it up.  I got counselling too helped a lot.


There will be a reason why you are feeling like this but it all takes time to come to terms with what has happened and to realise it won't happen again.  It's a good feeling though when you eventually do go out on your own...don't rush things though , all in your own time..
Good luck

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Hi Nicola. Im not sure if this will help, I sort of go through stages of having no confidence in myself and thats when I dont like to go out alone,. So I bought myself a SOS Talisman bracelet ( really pretty, Pandora style ) thinking that this would give me more confidence and Im sure it would if only I  could remember to put it on before I go out !


The feelings you have now wont last for long, And you are definitely NOT alone, we are all here for you


Love Jan

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