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Creeping feeling in your head?????

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Oh! Boy here I go...

Sometimes when I am sitting down, or even anytime I feel I need to scratch my head. I feel like a "sensation" on/in my head, I immediately run fingers through my hair, if I'm with people!!! This seems to stop it, probably doesn't but I need to do something.

Or if I'm at home, or on my own I scratch my head! Blimey how daft do I sound? But I wondered if any of you experience this queer sensation. ha! It seems to be a reminder to me what has happened, or am I just being silly???

Golly! I am sane really, heee! :lol:

H xxx

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Thanks Laura, I felt silly mentioning it, but I know it's there, and I'm not imagining the feeling.

I feel that if I saw someone scratching their head I'd think........what have they got?.....Lice...na!

But, seriously when I need to......scratch......I gingerly...scratch! ha!

H xx

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I get that all the time too Holly everytime I go to the hairdressers I say will you check if I have hweadlice ecverytime she says no you don't and I am sure she would see at least one as I have my hair streaked. Jess.xxx

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Hey Holly

You are most definitely not on your own - I get it a hell of a lot. I'm just sat there minding my own beeswax and it feels like there is something crawling down my head - I run my hand through my hair and then scratch - it's like a tickling feeling - but I know its on the inside not the outside. I used to get it all the time just after my SAH and my Neuro guy couldn't explain it - he thought it might be my brain reabsorbing the blood from the clot around the anni - but 20 months on I would have thought that it would have all gone by now - but you just never know do you?

So there you go - you're not going mad hun :wink:

Sami xxxx

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Me too! I also checked for head lice becasue my son got a notice from school.

And just today I got a new wierd sensation. I scratched my head and it felt like I was tickling my cheek. Very wierd. It kind of felt like th sensation when you get your mouth frozen at the dentist.

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Hi Holly

Yes, I get all sorts of weird sensations in my head, also on the scalp and sometimes like someone is applying pressure to my left ear. If I scratch the scalp though on the itchy spot it really hurts as if there is a buried spot or something underneath.

Lesley xxx

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