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My wife's recovery

Kim' husband

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Hi :-) 


A very warm welcome to BTG.

So pleased you found us, you will find a wealth of helpful information and friendly support for you and your wife Kim.


Your wife is still in the very early stages of recovery and bad headaches and pains are normal while Kim's brain is mending and recovering from a major trauma. 


Can you tell us a little more about Kim's SAH and is Kim able to come onto BTG with you, to read through some of the posts from other members. You both may find reading, other members experiences  give  some comfort and reassurance .


If Kim's head pains are really bad then maybe get checked out,  for peace of mind.

It is a very scary traumatic time for you both. Post Traumatic Stress is also very common after SAH, maybe speak to her Dr about some counselling. Many on here have found it very helpful.


Please feel free to ask any questions. we can't give out medical advise but can share our experiences with recovery.


Look forward to hearing more from you both.

Take care


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Hi Kim`s husband,

Welcome to BTG, you will as Tina said find so much help and advice here.


Kim is still in the early stages of her recovery it is very early days for you both. Headaches, fatigue and emotions all over the place are all common factors after SAHbut if headache`s are so bad maybe a visit to GP would help to reassure Kim,


Hi Kim, if you are reading this, there is a little bit of advice I can give you and that is to try and drink plenty of water, this can really help with the headaches and also make sure you get plenty of rest, listen to your body and your brain, they have both suffered a trauma and need time to recover, take things one day at a time.


I had the same fears as you, I did ask for some counselling therapy and it did help, also finding this support group you will find that everyone is very welcoming and you will make a lot of friends whilst getting a lot of support from people who know what you have been through, we are all here to help you both through this.


I look forward to hearing more from you both,

Wishing you well on your recovery journey,


Michelle x

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Hi there and welcome.


Is Kim on pain relief meds??  I was put on cocodamine and this resulted in an analgesic headache and was rushed back into hospital with a suspected rebleed - worth checking her meds and with her GP - don't just stop the meds, go through your GP.

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Hi there to both of you.


So I'm going to suggest doing things in really small bite sized chunks as it can really help try you ease the headaches back to a tolerable level. So do something but then stop and rest before going on and doing something else and in that moment of rest as Michelle's says drink lots to rehydrate and also top up your energy levels with regular food intake, don't get hungry.


Headaches for me stayed quite a while to be honest but the intensity of them diminished as I learnt to pace myself. I realised that I had to make good choices about the energy I was using. The brain is healing so it makes sense it hurts if we then ask to much of it to do other stuff. Once I started to understand that It meant less having to use painkillers as well. 


Also it can be worth her getting bloods checked with GP as well as both my potassium and magnesium levels were a little low post bleed and my ops but which I was able to boost with food that contained both. 


But just to add that its not uncommon to have that fear, that worry that it's going to happen again. I can't take that away from either of you but I can tell you that you both will gain confidence as time passes. Don't ignore any pain that gets worse but if it stays the same then hold hands and wait for it to settle and if you can get some sleep then it will do the Both of you good. 

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Kim and Hubby


Hope wife is feeling better and listen to what others have said.  We leave hospital and we do not know what to do, You as a carer and us as the ones who went through it.


I was out of it for a while so remember nothing apart from an itchy head/scars healing


If in doubt call Doc in.  Good luck to you both and hope to hear some good news xx

Also as others have said plenty of water.

Good luck both xx



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