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neck pain

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Just a quick question the neck pain that you all have described as having is this actually in your neck itself.

The reason I ask is for about a week now I have had the most excruciating pain that feels like a burning rather than a pain level with my shoulders but in line with my neck if that makes sense. I seem to get up on a morning without it but by lunch my chin is sitting in my chest to relieve this. The doctor gave me some ibuleve cream to rub in but it seems to have had no effect. I even considered taking myself off to the a and e while johns at home but i dont want to appear stupid going with just a pain in my neck.



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I think that a few of us have had stiff /rigid necks post SAH ...... sometimes, my neck tends to feel as though it won't support the weight of my head... however, I don't get any actual pain. If you're worried about your neck and the pain, then take yourself off to A & E while John's at home ..... better to be safe than sorry and it will give you some peace of mind....xx

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Hi Marie

I get really bad pain in my neck, well it is more the bottom of my scull, down my neck and across the top of my shoulders. It is like a burning searing pain, i have it now, but i think it is using the computer that has made it worse. Althougth at your early stage i had it alot and was not on the computer. I put it down to my surgery and where my clip is and where they bashed me about to get in there, dont know Marie. Pain killers dont touch it, i think mine is also nerve pain, just dont know, sorry. If in doubt go to A&E like the others have said, i wish you good luck, cos if it is like mine and constant it really hurts!

Love Tinaxx

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Like Tina and Jess, I too get neck and shoulder pain when I've been locked into one position using the computer for too long.

I too suffered a lot (even without using the computer) in the early days post SAH but as the months have gone by, I've noticed they have become infrequent. I guess I'm just one of the lucky ones.

Hope you feel better and that the pain has now passed. Whatever, don't ever feel stupid for going to get something checked out. After what you've been through, it would just be being careful and vigilant.

Big hug

Lesley xxx

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