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Diving or snorkeling post SAH

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Those are questions that you need to be asking of your neurologist or doctor. They may or may not tell you to refrain from those activities.

You must listen to their advice and not take it upon yourself to do them without medical advice.

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Hi MatJaz

I went swimming after shunt and as my leg wouldn't let me swim, I had to swim under water.  Now I know it isn't the same but just stating I swam along the bottom of pool and it helped.


Done 2 lengths under  (See told you it wasn't the same) 


Good luck on getting your life back xx


Win xx



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Xmartz, if this member does share what their neuro team have said regards diving you must remember that it will not be relevant to you as each person's case is different.

If you wish to pursue those activities then you must take the advice of your own doctors.

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All I know is that I was told to refrain from contact sports where my head might be at risk of being hit.  Now I don't know about the effects of the deep and increased water pressure the deeper you go, but I do know that you may need to be extra careful that you don't crack your head on any rocks, or the bottom of the boat, or steps climbing in or out of the water.


I have done some scuba lessons a few years back but they don't take you very deep and I was under supervision at all times so I was ok.  I didn't keep the lessons up as they felt claustrophobic and I didn't have the necessary physical strength to be able to enjoy it fully.   My head felt fine, but it might be different for you.


The best advice is to follow that of your doctors, as Supermario says.


Best wishes



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