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Really bad/emotional week

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Hi Friends,

Just need a bit of some uplifting words I think. I had been doing so well and for some reason this week hit like a wall and I can't seem to get through it without crying.


I think I grieve sometimes just over when I have lost, half of my brain, any kind of job, which is pretty much any kind of social activity  most of the time, my driving. 


I know I'm not supposed to describe myself this way but I just feel like such an idiot half of the time or more. It sucks when it takes three hours to make dinner because I miss placed something every five minutes and it takes me 15 more minutes to  find it. 


This was not me before, I was so much different. I was so more put together. 


Don't get me wrong, I am very grateful to be A miracle after a 6 cm bleedand to be here right now,  and people love to remind you ,"well, you are still here!" But they don't understand that being here still is such a struggle from day to day.


 I apologize for being negative, I am not usually a Why me sort of person, but for some reason I seem to be stuck in a rut in the past week or so and I just can't seem to get passed it.


Maybe it is the fact that I am alone with my thoughts and feelings too much? I  used to have days like these,  but not weeks. I am just having such a hard time holding it together. I feel like I could cry continuously for some reason.


 It's like I am so emotionally hurt that my heart actually aches  physically. 

 Does anyone else have weeks like this?

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Hi Mandie :)


So sorry you are feeling this way. I think a lot us go through times when we feel so very low, tearful and grieve how we have changed or been affected.

Sending you a huge hug and lots of love xx


Try to concentrate on how well you have done and all the positive things, easy to say i know ! Try doing something that you enjoy and makes you feel happy.  You never need to apologise for being negative, as i said, we have, at some point all been there and can totally empathise and understand where you are coming from..


If things don't improve and you cant get out of that rut like you have before, maybe go to see your GP for some help. I tried counselling and it really helped to talk to someone not family or friends. Others tried antidepressants that also really helped.

We are always here for you Mandie. Hope today a better one for you :) xx


Take care

Love Tina xx

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Hi Mandie, 


I get like that sometimes, today I had a lay in as not feeling 100% and Daughter is so good to me.


I have become a grouch as I cannot take tales of woe, (not yours)  but to hear them when eyes have just opened Arghhhh lol  


We all get Days like this, even had a go at hubby today and that isn't me (Yes it is Win) ha ha  Who said that !!!  ha ha 


When down I think of a happy song and start singing it or remembering good times to cheer me up.  Stress is bad for us my Surgeon said.


So now and again get ready meals for off Days,  

Wishing you happy thoughts and hope you feel better  xxx


Win xxxx Cheer up xxxxxxxx now a smile if possible  xxxx




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Hi Mandie


Sorry to hear you are feeling so down. Ithink we all grieve for what we have lost, I know I do. I miss my old life, friends and job but as Tina says I try to concentrate of the positive. You can't go back, things will never be same but they can be better even if different. It just takes time to accept the new normal and start bulding new ways of living our lives.


I think it really helps to talk to someone who is not emotionally attached to you. I myself have a wonderful neuro-psychologist who has helped me through my recovery. I can discuss anything with her without judgement and she has helped me accept the new normal and suggested ways of doing that. Try the neuro department where you were treated to see if you can get a referral or alternatively ask for counselling through your GP.


Things do get better, I can cook now without losing ingredients but I ALWAYS use a timer when putting things in the oven. It's almost as soon as that door is shut it's gone from my memory! Many a burnt offering ;) 


Take care and remember you can always come here and offload, we don't judge each other, we just try and help.


Clare xx

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