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Penny - Saying hello to members


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Hi my name is Penny I live in England. I had a SAH out of the blue in July. A friend was picking me up to go to a meeting and found me at the top of the stairs. Air lifted to hospital and 7 hour op to clip the bleed. I got a little better over the weeks but my balance went and I was very dizzy. In November I had a shunt put in as the CT scan didn't look too good.


I have been home for five weeks and lost two stone! My appetite has gone I still feel dizzy and nauseous and am very wobbly as my body mass and muscle has diminished!  I saw the surgeon yesterday. The scan looked good but I still feel like ****. I gather from the forum I might never feel 'normal ' again but celebrate that I am alive!  I also gather alcohol is not a good thing, so that's gin and tonic down the plug hole!


The forum has been most helpful, thank you. I am 65 by the way. 

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Hi Penny a very warm welcome to BTG :) 


Thank goodness your friend found you and you were airlifted to hospital.

I too had 7 hour op to clip my bleed. 


Great news your scan looked good even though you still feel like **** . It can take some time to recover, you have had a major trauma to your brain.

I also lost lots of weight and felt very dizzy, nauseous and wobby and had double vision, so can relate to how you are feeling and going through bless you.


As you have already found, there is a wealth of helpful information here and lots of friendly support. BTG was a Godsend to me in the early days and still is.

You are in the very early stages of recovery, things will improve, it just takes time.

Rest up plenty, listen to your body and drink lots of water.


Look forward to hearing more from you and please feel free to join in the daily banter in the Green Room.




Take care

Tina xx




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Hi Penny and welcome to BTG,


We leave hospital with hardly knowing what to expect !!  I was thinking "Well if I have been this ill I must be dying lol " 


My Daughter found this site and it helped her and after my shunt I came on here.  I find singing helps me overcome stress  as surgeon said No stress !!


People on here could laugh about their bleeds and a trouble shared does really help us.


I wish you well and for you it is early days but you will get there xx  hardly 4 months for you xx  Keep Happy and always think happy thoughts it does help me !! 


Good luck and once again Welcome as you are not alone in this xx Good place to share a worry or give vent to feelings. 

Remember We are Survivors !!!  Slowly does it also xxxx listen to brain and body xxx

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Hey Penny,


Welcome to BTG!  Yes, alcohol isn't the best thing so early after a SAH!  But there's more to life than alcohol.  Getting yourself better is No 1 priority!  Finding new ways to do things, sleep when you need to , don't over exert yourself - I'm sure you've started those things already!


Click on the major titles in the forums section and you will bring up a wealth of information to read and you will surely find something close to your own condition that will help and inspire you.


Consider your glass half full, not half empty.  You still have your battles to fight but the important thing is to fight them and to win more than you lose!


Keep smiling, and if you can't be bothered going through all the stuff on here just come on out with it and ask the question.  You'll always get an answer.  Except for medical advice - we can't give that and for very good reason - we're not doctors!  What we have, though, is the experience of the condition you are going through.

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Hi everyone and thank you for your lovely replies. My dizziness is the bugbear I have to use one elbow stick or I fall. I miss the gin and tonics !! And my head feels like it doesn't belong to me. My GP said my head might not improve as it may be damaged from the original bleed. Has anyone else had dizziness and thick head improve in time? Not driving means I can't get out much. I don't trust myself to walk far in case I fall and my son moves out in Feb so I am trying to convince myself I'll get better!  Any advice ?

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My dizziness and poor sense of balance never has improved but that may not be the case for you.

It would help to find out if you have brain stem damage which can be the cause of your symptoms.

To be safe it may be prudent to look at a triwalker or rollator  for use when you go out. Leaning on one crutch means you tend to be leaning to one side whereas, with the above you are equally balanced. I have used one for 13 years now.


It may go against the grain but safety is paramount. I was 53 when I had to start using one, but what the hell, it made me safe and gave me independence that I didn't have prior to obtaining it.

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I was told I will never walk again and here I am taking a shower, okay and a chair in shower !! (Back aches if I stand too much)


I gave my husband his Christmas present 4 steps was my first move.  He saw me walk and got me a zimmer frame and I can now walk 200 yards before back goes on a good day. I find it easier not using a stick and my aim is to get round a supermarket !!


I do things slower nowdays as if I jump up then I get giddy.  Keep doing what you are doing and you will get better days.


Art is to smile when you can and remember good and funny times xxxx  Take care and good luck 


Keep moving forward on good days xx I miss my Pinot Grigio  xx





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