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Hello, my name is Aimee. I have read some of your stories and wanted to thank all you for sharing. I wanted to say I am sorry for all who have gone through this. I never knew that aneurysms were so prevalent.


It all started 2 years ago when I had a headache that would not go away. I was just getting over a sinus infection and thought it was a headache from that but it wasn't. It turns out that I have chronic migraines and this diagnosis would have not been possible without the persistence of my primary care physician.


In November of  2016 when I started going to a head pain clinic, I had the worst headache of my life; went to the ER and they gave me the headache cocktail but that made feel worse. I don't want to go back for that. Since i had this bad headache my neurologist wanted me to get an MRA of the brain done. I was denied by my insurance but they fought it and I was able to.


The MRA found some possible aneurysms and so I had to get a CTA of the head done. It was confirmed that I have 2 small outpouchings on the brain. So then I was sent to a neurosurgeon which I chose one by word of mouth from sister who is a nurse who heard good things about him. The neurosurgeon told me both outpouchings are small and one he believes is an infindibulum. The report says both are aneurysms.


There is one on the skull and the other is on the brain. One is 3mm and the other is 2.5 mm. I was told I would need to get a repeat CTA done in a year. I recently got one done and there was no significant changes. There are new guidelines for aneurysms that if their 3mm or less then no need to scan and follow. No need to worry and just forget about them. He said infindibulums are harmless. At the end of the appointment, he didn't have my chart with him and he asked if there was any health conditions that he should know about. 


I did not tell about my chronic migraines and so I called and left  message with his assistant. I am hoping they will call back tomorrow. I do not know if migraines would have any effect on the aneurysm. So I have 1 unruptured aneurysm and 1 infindibulum. Has anyone else have experience with a small aneurysm?


The CTA report reads: small vascular outpouching involving the right cavernous internal carotid artery approximately 3mm. Similar subtle bulbous outpouching involves the origin of the right posterior communicationg artery and measures 2.5 x 2.5 mm. Has anyone heard if an infindibulum is harmless? Can it turn into an aneurysm?


Thanks for reading. Take care.

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Hi Aimee welcome to btg xxx


Sorry I have no idea what a I infindibulum is but I am sure someone will be along to help soon xxx


I personally would want a second opinion on the aneurysm as personally I would want them keeping their eyes on it xxx

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Hello Aimee...also a warm welcome to BTG.

While we do not give medical advice, you will receive much valuable support from our many members who share their recovery journeys on this site.


The following links are from the Forums which have already posed your question `What is an Infudibulum`  Tina`s answer gives a concise definition.









Please continue to ask any questions which may help you find out more about recovering from SAH/ NASAH.




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Hi Aimee,


Try not to stress as my Neuro Surgeon told me stress is bad for us, a few on here have small ones that the hospitals keep an eye on.  


I found out only recently 2 small ones had bled and healed over and I never knew a thing about it.  And as I have had epilepsy since 14 my Epilepsy Doc decided to give me another MRI and he found that out.  At first I was scared but all is okay and he said they had healed themselves. Clever little things lol.


So  remember no stress or worry, sing and be happy, hard to do but we need to think positive xxxx  Saying that it is scary I know, but think they will keep an eye on you now xxxx Wishing  you all the best  xxxxxx

Win xxxx

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