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Bleed location and symptoms and THANK YOU!

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I am 6 weeks post non- aneurysmal SAH. Most likely attributed to RCVS (although since I did not meet most of the criteria for RCVS, it seems to me this title is a catch-all for when doctors really have no idea what happened).  I received two angios, and 1 MRI that were both good during my week-long hospital stay. 


This week I asked for my notes from the CT at the hospital in search of why I hadn't made a full recovery after 6 weeks since I was initially told I had small bleeds.


I am grateful that I found this site.  I understand now that I misinterpreted, or better yet, was not explained the seriousness of "small" bleeds. 


The notes from the CT say: "Diffuse subarachnoid blood is seen overlying the bilateral frontal lobes."


I was originally asking where I would find information on the type of symptoms I might be expected to experience based on where the bleeding was, but maybe it doesn't even matter where the bleed was?... I guess I really want to know if this is familiar to anyone 6 weeks out?


 I have headaches across the front of my head, around the back (but much better, managing with Tylenol mostly); blurry vision, sometimes double, and the feeling that something is in both my eyes (the eye issues are fairly new and quite alarming considering I normally have 20/20 vision); neck and back pain; quickly tiring out, lack of focus, and memory  (My family tells me I ask the same questions over and over, but I don't remember.). 


Thank you so much!  This site has helped take away much of the guilt I had about not being able to bounce back more quickly.  

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Hi Valene and welcome to BTG!


You might have realised by now from reading other posts that we can't give medical advice - because we are not doctors.  There will be someone who has had similar issues to you and will post in due course to give you details of their experiences.


The best advise is to go back to the medical team that treated you and ask them.  You are still very early in recovery terms.  Rest is very important for you as your body recovers from this event - and it will do it in its own time, so don't beat yourself up about not trying to bounce back too soon.


Bleeds probably are 'small,' in relation to bleeds elsewhere in your body, but that does not diminish the seriousness of a bleed in or around your brain.


Good luck



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Hi Valene,


I was told not to stress and wont ask you to do the same as we are all different,  I agree with what Macca put.


At least they might explain it better if you ask them to tell you in laymans terms.

I have had epilepsy since 14 and at 60 plus I had an SAH and  recently I had a bad seizure different to others.  Had 2 little bleeds.  So perhaps that's why Surgeon told me no stress and I went into panic mode.  Like this "Chronic bleeds but nothing to worry about oh poo I have had another bleed arghh etc"..Looked it up Chronic bleed are not bad ones.  But I did stress lol.


So see Doc and do not stress as I did xx sing is my answer to all ills


Good luck and people on here have ones that they keep an eye on xxxx 

Win xxxx 


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Welcome to the website. It s still very very early in the recovery. I m primary care in the US but you will find more info on here than from your doc. Rest, drink lots of water, no stress, etc and be patient. Follow up with neuro regularly. Goodluck

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Thank you so much for your replies. I really appreciate having this support system. Thankful for technology! I'm still waiting to hear from primary doctor @ seeing an opthamologist, but I am comforted when I scroll this site and see others have experienced issues with their eyes as well while recovering. 

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Hello Valene.


You mention your sight difficulties.

Mrs Subs had reduced vision when she was discharged five weeks following her SAH. 


She was advised to visit her optician to have her eyesight professionally checked. The optician was able to see blood in her eyes (caused by her SAH) and made an immediate referral to the hospital Eye Clinic. This was a very thorough `One-Stop`  clinic where all checks and results were done and results acted upon immediately. It took several hours to complete all the tests and receive the professionals` advice along the way. 


The outcome was that they felt that her eyesight would improve over say three months and she was asked to return then. Pleased to say that on the return appointment, her eyesight was much improved, and the blood particles had cleared allowing much improved vision. Everyone is unique in the aftermath of SAH but we were delighted to see this improvement in her case.


Hope your own vision improves in time.






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Thank you so much, Subzero!  Seeing your comment made me keep the ophthalmologist appointment I was considering postponing. I saw him yesterday.



 No permanent damage -- thankfully! No glasses, hoping vision improves. And he figured out why I had the constant feeling that something was in my eye -- inflammation.  He says he sees this with stroke patients sometimes when during the episode, and/ or because of it, one does not blink like they should. ( At least that was my understanding At any rate, I have steroid eye drops that should hopefully "reset" everything.  


On another note, well kind of, the doctor had me do a field of vision test. Overall it was fine, but sometimes my vision was off.  I had been in the office for about an hour and a half at the point of taking the test. It was a much longer test than I expected. And I was so tired. I honestly think I dozed off or at least zoned out for a minute or so. :-)  

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