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Any type 2 Diabetics here?

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In May 2012 I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, due mostly to lifestyle and a sedentary one at that! For 18 months I single-mindedly tackled my weight and reduced down considerably, keeping the need to medicate at bay. But as is usual with these things, the lifestyle came back and the waistline grew back too. I started medicating at the docs insistence/suggestion.


Roll forward to end of last year and I find that the NHS are offering courses to help guide you through the ultra low calorie dieting that can be used to (hopefully) successfully reverse diabetes. It doesn't work for everyone but I thought that it may be worth a bash. 


On Feb 4th I started the 800 calorie a day diet using Exante meal replacement products, many of which are really awful but some are OK, so I stick to those that are OK. Other products are also available of course and one is allowed around 250 gms of vegetable per day, in addition to the meal replacements. I make soups, roasted ratatouille, curries etc and that is really satisfying. It doesn't come with carbs of course so I have started dreaming a lot about food! I have decided that carbs are the food of the Gods. I think the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians should have had Gods of carbs!


In week 1 I lost a stone and in the following five weeks it has leapt to 2.5 stone overall. It hasn't been easy easy but I am quite single minded and the fact that I am now buying trousers and summer shorts with waistlines that I haven't fitted into since the 1970's keeps me going and my headspace in the right place.


The reason for this rather lengthy missive is to say that anyone who is considering this option to reverse diabetes should just go for it. There are so many physical benefits. Less back pain, lower pressure on arthritic joints and a general feeling of wellness. I shall be trying out my new beach bod in June and can't wait! 


If you need any further information then feel free to ask and I shall be as helpful as I can. It needs commitment,especially at the weekend when preparing and cooking food is a large part of what I enjoy but it's only for 12 weeks and what harm can it do?!



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 Hi there


my husband was diagnosed with border line diabetis believe that's type 2 Oct last year he's done really well concidering he's a shift worker which different start times finish times does throw some challenges but he's done really well, since Dec he's been waiting on an appt with the DESMOND project to help lucky he's found things by himself which is great.


I'm with SM though you must have medical advice for meal replacements personally I think real food a far better way to go..



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Congratulations  Johnnie on your weight loss :thumbsup: thanks for sharing. My husbands daughter used the Exante products (others are available) with the guidance and monitoring of her GP. She did not have Diabetes but was borderline like Louise's husband. It really worked for her too. She now watches what she eats and has kept the weight off.


Glad you are feeling the benefits. Not long until June when you can try out your new beach bod :) Well done, its not easy to stick to i know, well done ! 


Tina xx  

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I know I m not supposed to give med advice but your brain and heart needs some form of carbs to function. 800 calorie diet is a bit extreme and someone needs to watch you closely. We don’t expect people to stay on it forever. 

Unfortunately we eat a lot of carbs here in the states and we drink lots of sodas and alcohol. Like one professor told us we should all get rid of all the bad habits we do with our mouths, smoking, eating, drinking and now vaping

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Thanks Catwoman. As stated in my original, and subsequent posts, everyone on the course is monitored by both the NHS (our free National Health Service) and by our general practitioner. We attend regular meetings with a dietician and food psychologist. We also have exercise sessions in the meetings (if you don't exercise in every day life). 


Actually, diet 'soda' is one of the drinks of which you can have a can or two every day if you wish. Full sugar soda is a no-no and frankly should be banned, along with the smoothies that you buy which purport to be healthy but which actually have more sugar in them than the full fat 'soda' drinks!


Out shopping this week for more clothes as my old trousers (pants) are now too small. Yay! 

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