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Is vaping safe post SAH?

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So my hubby is 2 months post SAH and had 3 coils fitted.

He was a VERY heavy/long term smoker before and has completely given up now.

He has turned to vaping which he is enjoying a lot. I don't think that he could survive without it.


Has anyone got any info about vaping, is it ok?  Its very early days I know and there isn't much research out there.

The Dr says it's ok and that it's only cigarettes that are bad news for aneurysms etc.

Any thoughts?

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I cant give you med advice. Talk to someone who really knows. 

I know some quit smoking with vaping. That is the goal. Not to get hook on smoking.

very bad habit. Hard to quit but one must keep on trying. I tell my patients how much money they are wasting by smoking. 

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I think you hit the nail on the head when you said there isn't much research out there.  Talk to your doctors, ie someone who knows, as Catwoman says above. Either way, it can't be as good as not doing it at all.  There isn't a lot of research and even less, if any at all, on whether it would affect us a SAH survivors.


With all sorts of chemicals possibly in vaping, are you substituting one peril for another?  Speak to the professionals rather than us. Any information you get about this here would only be hearsay and probably very unreliable at that.  Sorry not to be of more help, but I think we are the wrong audience for this question.


Good luck.

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I think that you need to raise the question as to whether vaping raises blood pressure? I believe that nicotine does raise blood pressure in whatever shape or form. It's perhaps better for your lungs, but may be not for your BP and it's important to keep blood pressure down after a SAH. 


With vaping, you're probably still taking as much nicotine, as you did, when you smoked and perhaps even more, as you don't physically put the cigarette out. 


Personally, I would say, that vaping is perhaps even worse than smoking post SAH, as you don't know how much nicotine you're putting into your blood stream. 


I'm quite shocked, that your husband's GP has said that it was okay.

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I gave up smoking when I awoke as never liked the way I smelt, but a glass of wine and a cig was so nice after a rotton day at work.


But Hubby gave up drinking totally !!  while I was in cuckooland in case he got a call from Hospital.


I used to imagine myself sitting on low wall with dogs and having a glass of Vino and a cig and then I realised I needed to get healthy !! Better late than never lol !!!  So went cold turkey as I'd put my family through enough. Plus not walking made it harder for me to be tempted.


Tell Hubs try and give it up with out trying to preach to him.  It worked for me as I felt guilty as to what I had put them through..

Since  2009 I have had a half a glass of fizzy wine and lemonade and orange juice combined it  has put me off drink for life  ..well nearly !!


Good luck to you both and get him to see a consultant on such matters as I was told no smoking !!!  Gained weight eating chocs instead !!! 



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