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All I wish to say is that I hope people don't believe the storyline regarding Edna's sister (I don't know her name). What a remarkable recovery it makes a brain haemorrhage comparable with the common cold and will leave a lot of people even more unsympathetic than they already are, obviously not a lot of research went into this story. Right thats my moan over.



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I did not watch Emmerdale but my sister does watch it, I asked her what happened to that lady who had the aneurysm and my sister replys

" so aneurysms are not so big deal and that lady is fine" I was angry at that because it's not like that at all, I am not saying that we are some what special but to portray it like something that is not so serious if false.

We do have problems and live with aneurysms either ruptured or unruptured and face the consequences of having a SAH.

Myra xx

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Myra, I must admit a couple of people have said to me 'why did you have such an ordeal then because she was back to normal quickly'. I was angry too as I think it was portrayed poorly. I aree that stroke/SAH etc needs to be highlighted but also the recovery does too, it is certainly no easy fate. They would have been well off emphasising the recovery process as that is by far as tough!

Glad i'm not the only one who wasn't happy



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I think we should all write a complaint in x x I was so upset when I saw her so called recovery I though that who ever is watching this will think i'm a fraud xxxxxxxxxxxxx

As you can tell i'm not happy about the story line at all grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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Hi there I was very much like her on the outside when I first came out of hospital and when I was with other people I was fine the fear came when I was alone then everything else came about a yr later but to be fair I was walking around the hospital two days after second op unruptured one pregnant two wks later hers hadn't ruptured (if it did I never saw it so i guess alot of others didn't either). They might show her having all our problems 6months down the line who knows. Jess.xxx

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Hi! I don´t watch Emmerdale but I can relate to the "not such a big deal" approach....the first one to introduce me to it: the neurosurgeon himself. "You are not sick, you have survived, you are lucky, get on with your life and don´t bother me with the "little details".....(this last bit unsaid but succesfully managed to get across through a dismissive attitude). Next one, please!" No problem, no complaint, I understand. It´s up to me.

My new life is made up of "little details" and fortunately for me, I have this wonderful site to provide me with the feedback and understanding I do not find elsewhere when dealing with them.....That´s the way it is. :wink:

In my country there´s even less public awareness, not to mention there´s nothing like this website available. I am lucky to be able to pass on onto others what I learn here. It´s like a service I can do for speaking both languages and it´s a privilege to be useful.

Lots of love to all,


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