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What is this type of bleed?

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Has anyone's healthcare team explained how this type of bleed is different from an aneurysm?


I mean, Non-Aneurysm SAH or Perimesencephalic SAH...what exactly is that? What are the chances of it happening again?

my docs seemed puzzled as to the cause altogether. Frustrating


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Hello Mandie


As we often comment …. there is a wealth of information within the various forums of BTG.


The link below is from page 10 of the NASAH forum.  I am sure you will identify and sympathise with much of the very detailed comments made by our members all these years ago.

Apologies if you have already read this thread.






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Good luck getting answers! That’s just the nature of PMSAH. I had my bleed, the initial DSA didn’t show anything. Neither did the MRI. Then 10 days later they find big blood clots in my venous sinuses but no cause for the bleed with the follow up DSA confirmed by MRI/MRV.


They still had no idea. Not their fault, there was just no obvious source of the bleed or what caused the clot. It’s a tough one, would you rather have an aneurysm or avm and know the cause or keep your PMSAH and it’s generally better prognosis? The one thing I’ve gleaned is that rebleed for PMSAH is super rare. Regardless, one thing I know is it’s horrible no matter what. All we can do is fight on!





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I just read your post. I hope you are well over your bleed and feeling strong. 

I also suffered a sah with no sign of a cause. 


Went to my 14 week check up with a new mri scan. Still no cause evident. Apparently it was more typical of an aneurysmal bleed pattern, with complications associated with a large sah. The Neurosurgeon had no answers to what could be the cause. Just for me to get my (perfectly normal) blood pressure checked regularly and to drink no more than the recommended units of alcohol. 


Like you I would like a better idea of what and why. It looks like the answers aren't out there. I take great solace from the fact that rebleeds from NASAH are very, very rare. My specialist said she had only seen 1 in sixteen years. The intend to carry on as normally as I can and try not to be held prisoner by what has happened. 


Stay fit, be healthy and get on with a full and enjoyable life. 

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