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Another fit and healthy person having a NASAH

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So happy to have found this group.  


My pnsah occurred 5/31...2 days prior to leaving on a trip from USA to England and Crete to fulfill moms wish of spreading her ashes.  


Was at work, fine,  ready to leave for vacation.  Strange sensation back of head, neck, down my back.  By the time I got to ER of course the “worst headache” and sick.  


Couldn’t believe it when they told me what it was....my first question being...can I fly on Sunday!  Of course....Probably not, was the response!  


I have been an active 51 year old running, gym going, long hour, little sleep female....very similar to others.  The conventional drs have little to offer.  


I’ve been searching for answers and taking things into my own hands for the physical aspect but also the emotional.  Acupuncture, erst, kinesiology and a functional med dr.  


I now have a ton of anxiety...that I never recognized before...and it drives up my bp...which makes me more anxious.  It’s a journey that I’ve just begun and appreciate the group, your knowledge and support!

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Hello and a warm welcome to BTG.


You are among friends who sympathise with your anxieties and concerns. 


It is a fact that when you are discharged from hospital, the medics can offer some general advice on how to face the future, however they simply do not know in detail how the bleed trauma has affected your brain.   This only becomes apparent to you and your close friends and colleagues as you attempt to get back to 'normal' .

There are so many real life experiences shared within these Forums and I am sure you will be encouraged as you face the ups and downs of recovery.


Take care and please don't  hesitate to share your concerns. Our members will be eager to help.




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Hi welcome to BTG, glad you have found us and are finding the site helpful.


Mine was also a non aneurysmal bleed and I too was fairly fit pre event. I was actually running when mine started and ended up collapsing and being blue lighted to the nearest hospital.


It's a long recovery journey but take it slowly and you will get there. I'm back running again and that helps with the stress I suffer from work. Be prepared to adapt your lifestyle to fit in with your capabilities and accept the new normal.


Be good to hear more from you.


Clare xx

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Hi and welcome!  It’s been 2.5 years since I had my bleed, and though I am doing well, I have had to adjust my life.  You will find this group a great help and wonderful place to share your feelings.  The hardest aspect of recovery for me has been my mental health.  Anxiety and fear seem to lurk in my psyche.  Time, friends, family and this community, have been a big part of my recovery.


You  are still fairly early in your journey to recovery and it is very normal to feel anxious.  I honestly think that along with the physical help to recovery we receive, we should be able to receive some counselling for our mental well being.  Even after this time has passed, I can still get caught up with the “what if’s”.  I wish I would have discovered this group earlier in my recovery, I would have realized that my feelings were also shared by others.


Visit here often, and don’t be afraid to share your feelings, especially if you are needing reassurance.  Chances are somebody here has experienced what you are struggling with at the time.  Take care of yourself, rest is your friend😊


Sending you healing thoughts.



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Hi Kat,


I awoke after nearly a year in cuckooland, and this site helped my Daughter when I was in hospital.


I came on here after a shunt fitted for Hydrocephalus,  I came out of my cuckoo land state.


You do get better but it is a long Journey.  Keep spirits high and no worrying .


Easier said than done  but to have people who have been through this and more definitely helps.


Good luck on recovery,  think happy thoughts when possible and believe in yourself as we are all survivors  !! 


Now Wins orders get going and keep a smile at hand if possible xxxx Good luck on recovery 

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Hello Katow


My husband has NASAH on 20th May this year, he's a healthy, fit 57yo.


 I did a lot of research, and read medical journal articles in the weeks after his haemorrhage.  It is confounding that something so life threatening can occur to a health focussed and fit person.  


The truth is, it can happen to anyone, of any age, and for reasons that cannot be explained (I witnessed people of all ages in the Neurology ICU with my husband, he was too sick to observe what happened for those people, I watched as people fought for their lives, and others lost their lives, all happening around him). 


Having something so life threatening occur is in itself enough to trigger anxiety and panic disorder in the best of us, if you had any pre-existing anxiety, it's not surprising that you could now find yourself struggling, especially so soon after the SAH.  


What I found is that the medical help kept my husband alive and aided his recovery, but once the medical crisis had passed their job was done, and no further support was forthcoming.  I agree with others that counselling and mental health support are also a big part of the recovery.  


We know that life has changed, we are incredibly glad to have my husband still with us and because he was so healthy when the NASAH happened, his prognosis for a 'full recovery' is very good.  

We don't know if he will return to his job as a locomotive driver, but we know there are more important things in life.  As I said to him, we can't go back , we can only go forward.  

Having a health crisis like NASAH is confusing and very distressing, but it clarifies what is important in life, and what the priorities are.


I wish you all the best for your recovery.  The stories and support I have received on this site has been incredible and a huge part of me coping and helping my husband cope.  I hope you will continue to find comfort and support here, you are among friends and fellow survivors.  :-)



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