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Selah SAH 11/29/2020


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Hi. I will attempt to briefly introduce myself and apologize in advance if I have messed up on the ‘rules’. My brain is a bit fuzzy. 😜


I had just finished a little get together with three of my grandkids and sat down to have popcorn when suddenly the head and neck ache hit me. At that moment I remembered hearing a man on the radio talk about the headache that would kill. He said call 911 and tell them that, and they would have a heads up about what was happening...so I told my daughter to call and tell them that. 

Within a few hours I had been airlifted to Iowa City, to the University of Iowa and had surgery. 

Like many of you, I have no clear memory of much that went on after that. So from 11/29 through 12/09 it is all gone, but on the 9th I remember a group of neuro surgeons were gathered around my bed and one said they had waited long enough and would put a shunt in that afternoon...and sure enough, I ‘woke up’ about 7:00 that evening and I had stopped vomiting and the headache was at least tolerable. 

From there I was transferred to a rehab facility on the 11th and then discharged to go home on the 17th. 

I really am only now beginning to understand how serious this has been, and still is. I have always been a very positive person, so I have been taken off guard that a little fear has crept into my head and heart. I do not like that, AND I want to be wise about what I am facing. 

Physically I really am doing well as far as any disability from the SAH. It is mainly my brain and all those thoughts and emotions that go on there that are ‘tripped up’. Plus of course the nagging headache. 

Thank you for the advice to stay hydrated. I am really working on that, as well as deep breathing. 😁


I had just last year, October 2019, bought a house and moved from my ‘marriage home’ as my husband of 38 years decided he did not want to be married anymore; so, I have had an even more interesting 2020 than the COVID stuff. But I was doing well and getting adjusted. I simply really believe God is with me, that I am not alone. That is a big part of the message I read from you all as I look at all of your posts. This is a safe place. That is what I need. 

thank you so much.  

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Hi there


Don't worry about posting in the "wrong" place just now - we Moderators can move things where they need to be.


Welcome to BTG and although we cannot give you medical advice, you will find a wealth of experience and sympathy here.  Have a look around the forum and see if there's anything that you find of use or help to you.


Right now you need to concentrate on you and try to look on the bright side of things as much as possible :-)  It's a long road to recovery but you can make as many pit stops along the way as you like.  It's not a race and everyone recovers differently and at different rates to others. Just make sure that you keep hydrated and when your body tells you to rest or sleep, then do so if you can.


This is most certainly a safe place and somewhere where there will always be someone who understands and can not only sympathise, but empathise with what you're going through.


The main thing is remember that you've done the really hard part - you survived!  Now it's a case of embracing a "new" you with "new" limitations - don't let these dishearten you and don't compare yourself to before the SAH, but on how far you have come since the SAH.  I kept a kind of diary that detailed how I felt from day to day and how severe the headaches and fatigue were and then I looked back each month to see how far I'd come.  You'll be surprised what a boost it can be when you read back because most of the time you won't realise how well you're actually doing.  Baby steps make a huge difference to recovery, so take your time and don't push yourself too much too quickly.


Look forward to going on this journey with you :-) 

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Welcome Selah! Yes, you came to the right place. The best place I would say. 


I am glad to hear you are recovering and adjusting well. 2020 really is challenging for most of us. Like you, I am for the most part is a positive person. Just remember that it is ok not to be ok sometimes. I always see that quote everywhere and having experienced a 2nd SAH it really rang true to me. Recovery can be an emotional roller coaster ride.

Just remember, we are always here for you!


Take care💗

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my son told me tonight that the doctors could not locate the location of the SAH. They said there was too much blood and it most likely was too deep. 

so what does that mean? Did it just stop bleeding on its own? I do not know enough about this to even know what questions to ask...but I see neuro on 01/28 do I hope I will learn more. 

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Hi selah yes it could of stopped bleeding on it's own and if that has happened in a unlikely that it will bleeding again but write this down and ask at your appointment and anything else you think of write down and just ask xxx

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