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angiogram advice please

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Hi again my wife has been told that in about six weeks she is to have an angiogram this is then about six months since the sah, can anyone please tell me does this have any ill effect or will she just carry on as normal afterwards how often are these necessary and something i read written by chris h raises my next question are these all permanent fixtures or do they need replacing at a later date.

If these are silly questions then i'm sorry for asking but everyday there seems to be something new come up thanks rod

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Hey Rod

I didn't have an angiogram other than the one pre-op, I think some of the guys on here have tho.

As far as I know the coils I have should last me the rest of my life - I've certainly never been told that they'll need changing and as I;ve been discharged now I can't imagine they would.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.


Sami xxx

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Hi Rod

An angogram is nothing to worry about. It is a minimally invasive procedure which is usually carried out under a local anaesthetic and takes about an hour to an hour and a half. Everything should be explained before the procedure, including any risks involved. I've only had one (well, I've had more, but only one that I can remember)

You can read my own experiences in this thread - the description of the procedure is on the second page. Direct link to the post here. I have written an article on endovascular coiling which you can read here.

As far as the coils go, I think it's very unlikely that they would need to be replaced. very occasionally, the coils can settle and more need to be inserted. That's why an angiogram is done to find out things like that.



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Hi Rod,

I had an Angiogram before my Operation, and 6-7 months after too. I can only tell you about my experience of the second one, as I have no memory of the first one.

Rod, honestly after having a huge amount of help from a person on here, I was relaxed and well prepared for the Angiogram.

Honestly, my hand on my heart it was a breeze. Of course I was nervous, but the Doctor and nurses relaxed me so much, I look back on my experience as a step further on in my recovery.

Initially after admission, I was taken to the operation Theatre where my groin was numbed, and after this a catheter was inserted with dye. I can honestly say, I never felt a thing. I was awake the whole time, but had to lay very still. Doctor explained everything in great detail what she saw. She was checking on my Coil.

Only discomfort I had was, that my bladder had to be full through the whole operation, and as you can't leave your bed until a few hours after, I was knock kneed. Otherwise nothing. Believe me, I would easily go back again, without any hesitation.

Afterwards, that evening, otherwise tiredness, nothing was different as before.

As for the Coil, I have one, and like Sami has already stated I believe it's there for the rest of my life too. I'm also discharged from my Consultant after two years post op.

Hope this helps your question.

Take care,

B x

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Hi Rod,

I'm not sure what you've read from Chris H, as he is my son and only deals with the admin on here... apart from that, he doesn't post at all, as in recovery/support advice on the forums..... If you've read something from the home page or an article, it's probably in his name, because we've just migrated to new software.....

However, I've also had follow up angiography and all went well. I believe that you should put your feet up, for about 24 hrs after the procedure. It seems to be the "wound site" that is more at risk ..... or where the guide catheter is inserted at the groin and it should be healing/clotting and not bleeding ..... but, the hospital should have already made you aware of this information?

We aren't medics on here, so if you don't have this information, then you need to ring the hospital.....

To put your mind at ease Rod, I don't think that we've had anybody on this site, that has had a problem with a follow up angio ..... xx

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Rod, as the others have said, the follow -up angiogram is a breeze, I had another one about three weeks ago ( only because I am being an awkward old cuss ( as ever;)) and need follow ups at intervals as my coil is coming undone and I have an unruptured aneurysm. First off don't worry that I am coming unknitted it's rare! The coil you have now , will almost certainly be the one you have for the rest of your life and as we have said the angio is no problem at all, although unlike Holly, I was asked to have an empty bladder lol!:lol: I watched the progress on the 'TV' Screen, it was very interesting. I expect your hospital will explain all about the stay and maybe give you a leaflet too, I had both and some sandwiches thrown in :wink:

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Hi Rod,

Yeah like the others have said Ihave had a couple of angios and they have been fine. I had to have 24 hours rest afterwards but that was fine a day off work :wink:;-)

I have also been discharged and have had my coils for nearly 3 years now, I don't anticipate anything happening to them so me and thee should be best friends forever :-D

Hope it helps

Love and hugs



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Hi Rod :-D

I also have had one...and all i remember was that it did not hurt and was not uncomfortable afterwards. I was clipped and have also just recently been discharged. Having been clipped i dont have to have angiograms again, or scans, unless i feel there is a problem...which there wont be :)

Take care

Love Tina xx

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