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Adam Mac

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Hi my name is Adam 


I’m so glad I have found this page, reading topics and testimonials from people has really helped give me an insight to what has happened to me! 

I’m a 37 year old male from the Midlands in the UK


On Monday 29th March whilst on the toilet I had the most horrendous headache and later on was extremely sick, I went to my local hospital where I had 2 CT scans and these showed I had a bleed on my brain. From there I was then taken in an ambulance to University Hospital Coventry, not knowing what was going on or what was going to happen to me! 

After having a cerebral angiogram no aneurysm was found and I was diagnosed with a Perimesencephalic Subarachnoid Haemorrhage


The hospital staff were amazing with me, it was difficult though for obvious reasons (not knowing what was happening, what was wrong with me, am I going to see my wife and kids again etc) but made even more difficult being on my own and not having any family members to support me due to COVID! 

I was told on discharge that recovery can take 6-8 weeks and that mine was ‘one of the good ones’ ?!

I’m on my 4th week now and I feel active enough for walks but I do have periods of tiredness and I just feel like I want to lie down. Also I do have panic/anxiety moments thinking is this going to happen again or am I going to get worse?!


I know that everyone’s case is different and recovery etc is different for each person but I was wondering if anyone here had the same diagnosis as me and what their recovery was like? 

Thanks for taking time to read my story and as I said before I’m so glad to have found this group! 

Take care and stay safe 



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Hi Adam and a warm welcome to Behind the Gray.


I'm sorry to hear you had such a rough time. Not knowing what was happening and having no family around to support either would be a bad experience in anyone's book.


Anyway I'm glad you're back home now where you can concentrate on your recovery.  6-8 weeks seems to be the standard that doctors tell you, or at least mine did too.   I think it is very misleading give a time span like that as many survivors take considerably longer than that.  As for telling you that yours was one of the good ones, well I've never heard anything so stupid!


There is certainly nothing good about having a bleed on the brain, it's a serious traumatic event - end of !! Obviously some people to come out of it better than others and hopefully you will recover well.    Tiredness/fatigue are very common and rest/sleep is a must where possible as is drinking plenty of fluids to keep any headaches at bay.  


Mine was caused by an aneurysm rupturing, so not the same cause but it was a low graded sah.  I had 5 months off work, then only went back part time.  Tiredness was a major problem for me, so much so that once I didn't wake up from a day time nap in time to collect my then 8 year old son from school!


Glad you found this site and all the best in your recovery,



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Hi Adam, and yes, a very warm welcome to the 'family'.


I can't imagine what going through this alone in hospital must have been like for you, or for your family not being able to be there with and for you either.


I agree with Sarah regarding the comment about yours "being a good one" - no-one can define a brain bleed as good in any way, shape or form!  It might not have been "serious" but a bleed is a bleed and it has a massive impact on the patient and those around them.


As for the 6 - 8 week recovery, a slightly unrealistic standard time frame given by medics who have never had the misfortune to suffer one.  It took me a year to stop needing to sleep during the day - like Sarah, mine was a ruptured aneurysm. I now know that I am "lucky" to have come through relatively unscathed, but when anyone told me at the time I was lucky, I wanted to take their heads off!!  


The panic attacks and anxiety can be caused due to PTSD and it's worth getting counselling if you can - I did and it was a tremendous help.  I thought I was losing my mind and that mixed with the overwhelming feelings of guilt for what my family had gone through, didn't help.


Tiredness and fatigue are part and parcel of recovery and you have to listen to your body - it will tell you when to stop.  Plenty of fluids and resting / sleeping when you need to or can are the most important things right now.  Try to avoid stress (not easy during recovery, I know) as this will help with any head pain - along with the all important fluids - the brain needs to stay hydrated.


I say this to almost every "newbie" to BTG - it can be a long road to recovery, but take as many pit stops as you like a long the way - we are your pit crew and are here to help and listen. The only thing we can't do is give medical advice as none of us are qualified to do so.


Look forward to hearing more from you and accompanying you on your journey to recovery.

Take care.

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Hi Adam


A very warm welcome to BTG, so glad you found us.

How very scary for you and your family not being able to be with you because of Covid !

I was told 6 months to a year for recovery from a ruptured aneurysm that was clipped. Totally unrealistic. 


You are right, everyone is different in their recovery. Some great advice from Sarah and Sami. Rest lots and drink plenty of water. I also got very anxious and had panic attacks. My GP arranged for me to have counselling, it did help.


The fatigue is something is still struggle with nearly 14 years later. Listen to your body and pace yourself.  Sometimes i found i went one step forward to go two steps backwards if i pushed too hard to quickly. 


Wishing you well with your recovery and we look forward to hearing more from you.

Feel free to also join in the daily banter in the Green Room.


Take care

Tina :) 


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Hi Adam


I had the same type of bleed as you. I second what everyone says, the doctors often give that time frame and it isn't very helpful as it can set you up to fail somewhat when you don't feel recovered. My surgeon didn't actually give a time frame. He was great at explaining that the damage is from the blood being in the brain and that how it bled doesn't affect the damage it has done and that recovery is often long as it needs to heal.


An aneurysm does change the treatment of course. For those of us who did not have a treatment I often wonder would the anxiety be less if you know what caused the bleed. Then you have to worry about the treatment and problems with that so just different worries i guess. 


I really feel for you have to go through all this with no family around it must have added to the trauma. 


In terms of my recovery, for sure the first year was the worst, generally the first 6 months even more so. There are times when it felt like I was doing better and then I was going backwards. Generally they were temporary setbacks. For me I am a different person than before but I am doing well and some of the different is bad but some is good.


I have limitations due to fatigue mostly, thought it is a lot less than in the first year.  I recall anxiety being unbearable in the first few months but over time it does fade. For me it hasn't gone but i live my life (when Covid lets me) and try not to miss out on things because of it.  I have husband, kids, dogs, cat and a job and the SAH hasn't stopped me enjoing them🙂


My best advice is what I read from so many people, be kind to yourself, if your tired rest. Don't be afraid to make the changes you need to to help your recovery. Everyone said its early days and it really is for you. 


I hope any of that is helpful.  If you have any questions just ask. 


Take care


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Hi Adam,


pretty much the same story for me but a couple of weeks after you (12th April). I’m still struggling and no chance of me going back to work any time soon. My discharge letter also said to expect 6-8 weeks off work.


On some days I feel like I’m going backwards instead of forwards, I was very active pre haemorrhage but can just about manage short walks at the moment and feel like an OAP... I am also struggling with memory, concentration etc and anxiety. 

Hope this helps!



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