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Recent TIA/ Headway


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:frown5::frown5: After attending last week a cognitive memory assessment, of which i have some short time memory probs i was told that i had had another TIA in the past 2-6 months. , have been advised to reduce my working hours ,as i was getting too tired causing this TIA.

I have been reffered to the org Headway, to see if thay can help me , of which they have contacted me. Has anyone else here have any dealings with headway.tc paul

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Hi Paul,

Dee my hubby has had dealings with headway, he found them very helpful as did i. He attends a weekly goup when we are home and he was reluctant to go at first but now really enjoys it.

He tells me they do all kinds of things there from memory games etc, but the thing he liked the most was talking to others in the same boat as himself.

Take care now and hope headway goes well for you


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Hello Paul,

I was in touch with Headway and they are very helpful and reassuring. Someone came to see me and talk to me about what happened and then I was asked to go to group meetings once a week but they were too far away! They still phone me to see how I am and offer advice about things that are bothering me.

Hope this helps

Vivien x

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:-DThanks for your replies, a chap from headway is to ring me today, i hope he can help me with my short term memory, as at work today it was causing me problems, and head aches, so i let you know how i get on-- ps it is Headway of southampton. tc paul:crazy:

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:-D Hi All just had headway on phone seems they can help me.

because i am a paid up ni contibutions they should be able to get social allowance for

i am to wait for thier phsycholigist to ring me to see how that could help with my short term memory which has got worse in last 6 months due to a further TIA :frown:. tc all paulg

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:thumbsup:thanks for your replies.

i had a phone call again today saying that they need to speak to my wife with any care needs too, they also think i could attend some group meetings to help with my short term memory.

i been told that i must cut down on hours of work, and will see if any benifits may be for me, my consultant at the hospital has said she would right any letters to support me in any claims, although i dont expext much:frown:

I have also told headway about this site and they our aware of the site anyway. tc all paulg

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