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My story


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I do apologise...I have tried to cut it down a bit, but hopefully you are sitting comfortably.......good, then I shall begin....

Hi, I am Kelley and I suffered a subarachnoid haemorrhage of the right posterior communicating artery on Friday 11th December 2009 at approximately 6.20pm, whilst getting ready for my works Christmas do!

I had an aneurysm (13mm x 13mm x 8mm) coiled on Friday 18th December 2009.

Friday 11th December

I was at a colleague’s house and was all dressed and ready for our works Christmas do, apart from my finishing off my hair….

I was frantically back-combing my hair then lifted my head up and back, closed my eyes and sprayed my hair quite liberally with hairspray… then I suddenly felt an enormous amount of pressure in my head....It was as if something had just ‘popped’ in my head and I felt very nauseous and hot all of a sudden.

My neck was very stiff and I could not look down, and the light was affecting me more than it had ever done so (as I had suffered with photo-sensitivity for many years).

My scalp and face were clammy and sweaty and I rushed outside to get some air and cool down…

I came back in and my friends mum asked if we were ready to go…I said I still felt a bit rough but as I thought I had pulled a muscle in my neck I said yes because I thought I would be okay.

She took a couple of photos of Karen and me by their Christmas tree, and I had difficulty trying to keep my eyes open as the flash was way too bright for me! We then set off for the party…

We waited outside for another colleague to arrive, and I fully cooled down before entering the hotel.

Still feeling rough and nauseous I decided to get a diet coke as I just knew I would not be able to have alcohol. I felt quite ‘out-of-it’ as I walked around chatting to colleagues in the reception area but I really thought I had pulled a muscle and would soon feel better….how wrong was I!

At about 7.30 we went into the main room and located our tables. I sat down and got myself some water and listened to the awards being read out and presented to colleagues.

I suddenly felt as though my whole table were staring at me and they were all asking if I felt okay as they said I looked really pale and grey. I said I didn’t feel too good but would keep drinking water to see if that would help.

It was announced that the starters would be served and the thought of seeing food in front of me made me feel even more nauseous and I got up to go to the toilet. I thought that if I was a little bit sick I might feel better, and had some gum in my bag to clean my mouth a little…

I went to the toilet, was a little bit sick and had a slight nosebleed also (not uncommon for me over the past year or so…)

I wiped my face with cold water and re-applied some lipstick and was chewing some gum.

My friend Julia was in the toilets too and asked if I was okay, I said I needed some fresh air. She came outside with me, then 2 colleagues Karen and Kevin joined us (as they needed a cigarette before their starter!) and Julia went back inside.

Someone got me a glass of cold water and a manageress got me some paracetamol after checking I had not been drinking alcohol.

One of my managers asked if maybe I wanted to have a lie down in her and another colleague Liz’s room for an hour or so to see if that helped. She said to find Liz to get the key if I needed to.

Kevin then offered his room and walked me there. He said he would let the others know where I was and would come back in 2hrs to check on me. This must have been about 8pm.

I drank some more water and was feeling incredibly tired so pulled back the covers on one of the single beds and got in fully clothed. I was completely unable to lie back on my head but eventually got comfortable enough on my right side.

I slept a little and then woke feeling very sick and went to the loo to be violently sick a few times. Each time I was sick my head felt as though it was going to explode and I had to keep putting my head back as quick as I could, as that helped ease the pain a little. I recall thinking I needed an ambulance as my head was exploding…but I cleaned my face and got back into bed.

About 10/10.30pm three of my colleagues, Lisa, Valerie and Cat came to see me. I felt so ill and the light outside the room was almost blinding. They said I looked really unwell, and talked to me for 10mins or so and then asked me to call them if I needed anything.

At about 11.15 Karen and Kevin came to the room and Karen said she would call our cab to come earlier.

Kevin was going on and on about me keeping the room and he would get another, and in the morning he would take me to A&E if I felt no better….but I didn’t think that was necessary and wanted to get back to Karen’s, change into my pyjamas and get some more sleep!

Kevin went back to the party whilst Karen and I stayed in the room, I tidied myself up and Karen called the cab company who said they would come earlier than booked.

We walked back to the bar, and I stayed with some colleagues whilst Karen went to find Kevin to give him his room key.

I needed some air again so went outside. I spoke to more colleagues; Joel, Annamarie, Atul and Julie. Karen then found me and we said our goodbyes and headed to reception to get our cab.

I felt sick all the way back to Karen’s house, and found it difficult to listen to Karen and the cab drivers conversation.

Back at Karen’s she offered me tea and toast but although I had not eaten dinner I still could not stomach any food or any drink other than water.

I got some water, took some more paracetamol, got changed into my pyjamas and got into bed. I struggled again to get comfortable enough to sleep and barely slept all night.

Saturday 12th December

I got up at about 8am and got myself a slice of toast and a cup of tea. Karen got up a bit later and made me another cuppa then ran me a bath.

The bath seemed to ease the pain a little in my neck and head and I felt able to get ready, get my stuff together and drive home.

Once home I contacted my mate John and he came round to watch a film with me. We had tea and biscuits and sat on the sofa watching Night at the Museum 2. I missed some parts as I was drifting off to sleep now and again because I was so tired.

John left and I got my stuff together and went over to my parents for dinner. I lay on the sofa at my parents sleeping on and off from 5pm through to about 10pm when I returned home.

Sunday 13th December

At 4am on the Sunday morning my headache woke me up as it was so intense. It felt like someone was hitting me repeatedly with a sledge-hammer!

I logged online and contacted NHS Direct, leaving my details for a call-back. I tried again to sleep a little and they called back at 9.15am whilst I was on the phone to my dad, saying that I was still feeling ill and didn’t know if I should go to the walk-in clinic.

I rang NHS Direct back and they re-opened my call and got a doctor to speak to me. He asked a number of questions about my symptoms, more to do with meningitis I believe than anything else. He then thought it would be best for me to be seen face-to-face at the walk-in clinic, and be checked over fully.

I had a shower, got dressed and drove myself to the walk-in clinic about 11.30am. I waited only about 30-40 minutes to be seen.

The doctor checked my blood pressure and it was approx 175/98, which is the highest it has ever been and it had been stabilised at 120/80 or thereabouts for 4 months as I was on blood pressure tablets.

He was convinced that due to the sickness I had a virus and I needed to go home, rest and take paracetamol. I burst into tears as the pain was so intense and I had already been trying to rest and take paracetamol without any success. I didn’t believe I had a virus. He then contacted my emergency doctors and made an appointment for 7pm that evening!

I drove myself home, called family and sat in bed with the curtains closed until 7pm. I spoke to my sister who asked if I wanted her to come over and take me to A&E, but I didn’t think I needed to go…

My sister-in-law picked me up at 6.45pm and took me to the emergency doctors for 7pm.

I was called in almost straightaway and started to explain what had happened. The doctor I saw mocked me for contacting NHS Direct, and for needing to be told to go to the walk-in clinic!

He didn’t seem to want to listen to my symptoms or the chain of events. He took my blood pressure, which was even higher than earlier in the day, then checked my eyes with light.

He told me I did indeed have a virus and I needed to go home, rest and take paracetamol. I said I could not understand it being a virus as my body felt okay and the pain was all in my head. I thought a virus affected the whole body. He just smirked and seemed to be waiting for me to leave the room.

He also told me that I should just phone the emergency doctor in future. (Yeah cos that really helped this time didn’t it?!)

I felt like I was going mad, as the headache was continuous and was varying in degrees of pain all the time. I even had difficulty emptying my bowels because of the pressure and I had trouble laying my head down to sleep.

I returned home and tried to sleep again.

Yet again I got very little sleep and by now I thought I had wasted people’s time and would just need to cope with the ‘virus’…

Monday 14th December

I got up, showered and dressed and drove to my parents, as I had the day off work to get my Christmas shopping done. My Mum drove us to Uxbridge but we were unable to find a parking space so we returned back home again.

I felt very sleepy and sat in an armchair and had a little sleep. Mum popped to see a neighbour for a little while.

In the afternoon I decided I did indeed need to get my shopping done so mum followed me back to my flat and we parked up and went into town. I got all the bits I needed and felt slightly better. Mum thought that maybe it was tension causing the headache or making it worse.

Once Mum had left to make her way home I started to cook myself a vegetable curry with rice. It then felt as though I had been hit again with a sledgehammer!

I called mum and she suggested that I set my alarm for 8am to call my doctors surgery and make an appointment with Ross, who is one of the nurse practitioners there. (She always listens and makes a note of all symptoms and any other info on their system).

Tuesday 15th December

My alarm woke me just before 8am and I started trying to call the doctors surgery. I got through to a receptionist at 8.40am and booked an appointment with Ross for 11am. I then phoned work to advise I would not be in as I felt so ill. My boss had heard all about my awful night at the works Xmas do.

I tried to sleep a little then got up, switched my heating on to constant (to warm the flat for my imminent return from the doctors…), had a quick wash and got myself dressed.

I drove to the doctors’ surgery and waited. I went in at 11.20am and told the whole story to Ross who immediately agreed that it certainly did not sound as though I had a virus, and she believed we needed to rule out a bleed in the brain (oh my goodness!... I cried. A lot).

Ross telephoned Wexham hospital but their scanner was out of action so she needed to contact Hillingdon or Reading. She asked me to wait in the waiting room again and she would see the next patient, and then would call me back in again. I was called back again within 20mins. Hillingdon had agreed to give me a CT scan to rule out a bleed and see what was going on.

I drove to my parents and left my car there and my sister-in-law picked me up and took me to Hillingdon hospital.

I checked in to the Emergency Assessment Unit and my sister-in-law went home as we did not know how long everything would take and she had her kids to look after.

At about 2pm I was given bed 23 on the Fleming ward and sat in the chair next to it dozing, as I was still feeling very sleepy.

A nurse came and inserted a catheter into my right arm, took some blood, and my obs were taken; BP, pulse, temperature etc..

A young lady doctor came round to assess me and done a number of reaction tests, and advised that I had no signs of a brain bleed other than the headache and initial vomiting. Then a young male doctor (I believe superior to the first doctor) then came round to assess me and completed exactly the same reaction tests. He also advised that I had no signs of a brain bleed other than the headache and initial vomiting. He then agreed that they would complete a CT scan but he really did not think anything would be found on the scan pictures, although they would need to find out what was causing the headache.

At about 5pm I was taken down for a CT scan. I was laid on a bed that had a huge donut-shaped scanner at one end and I had to place my head into a ‘holder’ and keep very still.

Everyone left the room and I just kept my eyes closed whilst the donut seemed to wizz around my head making an almighty noise for about 10 minutes it seemed. I was then taken back up to the ward.

Then the nurse came round to see me again to tell me I needed to go for another CT scan but would need some dye injected in me this time to show up the vessels in my brain. How strange I thought…maybe they have found something but are not sure…

An older doctor/consultant inserted a larger catheter into my left arm for the dye to be inserted. (He managed to spill my blood on the side of the bed and on the floor and I nearly got it on my jeans!)

A young nurse asked me to lie on the bed and put my head in the holder again and remain as still as possible. She advised that I may feel a warm sensation down below (as if I was wetting myself) and that I may get a strange taste in my mouth because of the dye.

I did indeed get an extremely warm sensation down below, but I also got a warm sensation in my throat but no bad taste.

This dye scan seemed to take longer but I am unsure how long, maybe 20 minutes. I was again taken back to the ward.

My sister-in-law Nicky had packed some things for me and came in with mum & dad to see me. They had to wait 45 mins to see me as I was having the lumbar puncture done on my bed…Nicky heard me moaning… it was quite painful but more uncomfortable than anything. It took about 10 attempts and each attempt felt like something was being removed from my spine!

He then showed me about 5ml of liquid in a little bottle. I recall saying that I hoped he had enough as I didn’t want him going near my spine again!

I had barely any sleep in the hospital as it was so noisy and bright, and obs were being done every hour…

Wednesday 16th December

A number of doctors/student doctors etc came round to advise me that a 1cm aneurysm had been found on my scan pictures but they could not see any sign of a bleed. All scans had been sent over to Charing Cross for the Neurosurgery department to assess. They would be having a meeting in the morning to make a decision with regards to operating.

Mum and dad came in to see me this afternoon. They left about 5pm.

A doctor, called Joanne I think, came to see me about 6pm and advised that a bleed had been located by the consultants at Charing Cross and they would decide in the morning when to operate (no longer if).

She said that Luigi would be round to see me shortly to discuss the operation, and I would be moved to Charing as soon as a bed becomes available for me. I burst into tears, then my friends Alli and Jimmy came in. The doctor asked if I wanted her to explain to them and I said yes.

A new lady was admitted in the bed on my right in the early hours and had friends or family with her. Although they tried to whisper at times it was still too loud and the lights had been turned on for them also! Could not sleep at all and obs every hour also…

So tired…

Thursday 17th December

I was taken to Charing Cross hospital late afternoon, and was admitted to A Bay in Ward 11 South.

I was laid in a bed and told that I could not move from the bed nor could I sit up, and had to stay at an angle of 30 degrees or less.

It was a massive room with 4 patients and 2 nurses. Everything was very white and very clean, and it wasn’t too hot or noisy in there either. How lovely.

A male nurse called Fay took my bloods upon arrival. He kept slapping my left arm and wrist to get the veins up but I told him we would fall out if he kept slapping me about... My right arm was much better.

My Mum and brother came in to see me for an hour or so. My cousin popped in also as he had been working just round the corner from the hospital and had received a call from my aunt.

I was advised by Fay that I am first on the list in the morning for my op so should go down at about 8.30am. I texted and called everyone to let them know…

Had shepherds pie for dinner. Not bad.

11pm male nurse asked if I wanted a snack and got me lasagne! Excellent.


Friday 18th December

Op day!

8am I am scared.

Oh my god…

Am I going to be alive after this? Will I be disabled in any way?

Used a bedpan before being taken down for the op.

Taken down to Radiology department/Vascular Unit, 1st floor. In waiting area for a while and needed bedpan again. (Horrible bedpans down there!)

Taken into large room with lots of machines. Aneathetist advised he would be making incisions at the top of my right leg and in other places, and would be inserting this, that and the other. I said ‘you just wanna use me like a pin cushion!’ they laughed and then he said I would feel a small scratch and then I would be asleep.

Next I recall being stroked on my arm(s) and a ladies voice saying that I was coming round from the anaesthetic and the op was over and had been a success.

I started to try to move my toes on both feet and my fingers. I then realised how dry my mouth was and how sweaty my face was with an oxygen mask on me. I asked for water and the nurse held a cup and straw for me. She asked me to slow down and take sips or I would be sick.

Had to lift my hands in the air, palms up and eyes closed for them to check my reactions. They then kept touching each foot to check my pulses in each leg.

More water…mouth so dry!

Lots of noise, people arguing about which bed bay I was going to. I was getting annoyed with all the commotion.... Then they said there was a bed available in 11 North.

A male and female nurse took me up in the lift to 11 North, but when we got there the nurse said the bay wasn’t ready due to a swine flu case and they were still cleaning the area... (get me out of here!)

I was taken back down to the vascular unit again.

A little while later the bed area was ready in 11 North so we headed off again.

We stopped outside a lift and I suddenly felt a bit nauseous…I said I feel sick, I think I am going to be sick…. yes I am definitely going to be sick…

The male nurse ran off to get a bowl but by the time he had returned he had missed my impressive 2 foot high projectile vomit which rained down on my left-hand side and all over the floor! How attractive. Clearly I am not that good with General Anaesthetic!

They had to take me back to the Vascular Unit to clean me up and change my gown and sheets! Oops.

We then made our way successfully to 11 North.

Saturday 19th December

Intensive Treatment Unit 11 North

My brother and Dad came in the afternoon to see me. They had to put gloves and plastic pinnies on.

My brother kindly put cold wet cloths on my face and neck, as I felt like I was on fire in there.

My sister and her partner came in the evening (after my brother and dad left) and I was moved to a different area of the ITU ward.

My sister kindly put cold wet cloths on my face and neck, as yet again I felt like I was on fire in there.

The nurses kept saying all afternoon that they would try me with yoghurt but I didn’t eat a thing all day. I just wanted sips of water every now and again.

Sunday 20th December

At 1am I was moved back to A bay in ward 11 South. Yay!

Breakfast - 8am toast and butter with raspberry jam. I managed to eat half a slice with a cup of tea.

Mum and sister-in-law came to see me in the afternoon. Had a nice ‘get well soon’ drawing from my niece and nephew. I stuck this to the side of my table! Bless.

My friends Alli and Jimmy came in to see me again in the evening.

Monday 21st December

Was allowed to get out of bed to use a commode. Felt like I was walking on the moon where I hadn’t walked for a few days. Very odd feeling.

Had a nice bed bath this morning and a kind nurse washed my hair for me, as it was making me feel sick. I usually wash and condition my hair daily.

A Neurosurgeon came to see and advised that I was doing well and would be allowed to sit up in bed today!! Excellent. He asked how my left-side was doing, and I said it is fine. He then advised that my vessels had spasmed during the op and had caused initial left-sided weakness when I came round after the op. I did not recall that at all.

Evening meal was disgusting. Veg soup like a stock cube in hot water, Yorkshire pud I could have bounced off the floor and anaemic sausages in congealed gravy followed by a melted raspberry ripple ice-cream mousse type thing. I ate a packet of crisps instead.

Physio came round this afternoon and got me up out of the bed and I walked a few steps. I then needed a rest! She said she would be back…

Tuesday 22nd December

Had a stand-up wash by the bed this morning. I could barely stand though. Not comfortable.

Physio had me up and walking up the corridor and up and down a flight of stairs. Woohoo!

Wednesday 23rd December

A group of doctors, nurses plus student doctors and nurses, and physio came round this morning. They said I was doing well, and as soon as I was able to walk up and down stairs I would be able to go home either today or tomorrow.

I said I had done the corridor and a flight of stairs yesterday afternoon.

They said they would come back later and let me know.

Had a shower and washed my hair, felt so much better! Even slept for a few hours!

A nurse came round late morning to advise that I would be moved back to Hillingdon. I asked if they would then discharge me and she thought they would.

Late afternoon, about 4pm, I was moved back to Hillingdon.

Oh dear.

My tablets were due at 6pm. I kept asking for them, as I knew they were important but apparently they had not received my drug chart from Charing Cross so were unable to administer any drugs at all.

At 8pm I asked for my drugs as I was feeling a bit anxious and had a headache. They relented and gave me 2 paracetamol.

At 9pm I had a raging migraine but they still could not give me any further medication. I was allowed a cold wet towel to put over my neck and head. This was a little god-send as it was approximately 95 degrees in the ward!

At midnight I wandered the corridors searching for a nurse and pleaded for my Nimodipine and some Tramadol for the now immense headache. About half an hour later I was finally given the tablets I needed.

At 3am the lady in the bed next to me was wailing for a nurse. Nurses came to see her when I pressed the buzzer but then left her, even though she had asked for painkillers and the toilet.

Called another nurse and the lady was given a bed pan.

At 5pm I had quite a bad nosebleed. I felt extremely stressed. I just wanted to go home.

Literally no sleep yet again.

Thursday 24th December

7.30am two doctors visited me and asked why I had been sent back from Charing Cross. I said I would like to ask them the same question.

1pm Consultant visited me and said I could go home.

I advised I had been getting some numbness in my fingers on my left hand and slight numbness in my left foot also. She said this was nothing to worry about.

I asked if there is anything I should and should not do. She said I need to rest and keep drinking 2-3 litres of water a day.

I asked about driving and she checked the DVLA website and advised that I would not be able to drive for at least a month, and the slight numbness in my left hand would not be a problem.

I asked when I would be going back to work and she signed a sickness certificate for one month as of today.

5pm. One of the nurses came to see me with a sticker with my details printed on it. She said all the nurses were busy and I could collect my medication myself from the pharmacy, then I could go. Nice, bye then.

Thank god I could get out of there.

Popped in to my brothers and got a bit emotional. It was weird seeing a TV on again and having my niece, nephew, brother and his partner around, all chatting and ready for Christmas.

I got back to my parents and cried upon stepping in the front door, and continued to cry for some time. I was so relieved to be home. And I was hopeful for a good nights sleep too!

Since then I have been at my parents recovering; having little twinges, numbness, aches and pains every now and again.

Having read some stories on this site I think I have been incredibly lucky with my diagnosis, op and recovery so far. I hope I continue to be lucky!

2010 could be my best year yet! ;o)

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Hi Kelley

Wow what an essay, and what a way to remember your works Christmas party..at least they know you're not swinging the lead :wink:

Seriously though, it sounds like you had a really traumatic time before getting a diagnosis, I was very lucky in that my GP guessed after my wife had called for an emergency appointment, he called back within 10 mins, asked to see me and within an hour I was in City hospital for a CT angiogram....no spinal taps for me!

Anyway, what I'm trying to say, is don 't try and minimise what you have been through, you had a really tough time prior to diagnosis, at least now you know you are on your way to recovery.

I wish you well, use this site as much as you need to, I've found it a God send, whenever people at home don't undertstand how I'm feeling, there is always someone here who can help...and often more importantly let you know that you are not alone!

Welcome to the big and happy family

Take Care

Adam x

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Hi Adam,

Thanks for reading my essay!, and I am glad I didn't send you to sleep and you even managed to write a reply! lol ;o)

It is very cathartic writing out the whole experience and adding to it as little things come to mind. It stops it all going round and round in your head. I just wish I'd had a little notebook whilst in hospital to make notes about things that were said to me, and things that happened.

This site is amazing. It is so good to know that everyone can share their experiences, fears & anxiety, tips, and answer questions re.side effects etc... It has already helped so much in making me realise just how lucky I have been so far in both my experience and on starting my road to recovery. Although my op was only 3 weeks ago on Friday I think I am doing really well so far.

I had such a nice walk in the park this morning in the snow, with my mum and my parents little dog, she loves the snow and uses her little face like a snow-plough when running through it!! Very funny.

I am going to keep trying to go for the walks every morning now as it is so nice to get out in the fresh air and clear the head a little! ;o)

Thanks for the welcome!

take care

Kelley x

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Hi Kelley

Welcome to BTG,

Thank you for sharing your story, I am impressed that you remember all that, I could not remember much apart from what my family have told me.

Glad you are doing well but still take it easy.

Hope to hear from you some more.

Take care.

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Hi Myra, Tina & Vivien!

I am quite an analytical person and a stickler for details which is quite possibly why I have made myself recall so much! Even I am quite amazed at just how much I do remember, considering what has happened; even down to most of the lunches and dinners I had...but I spared you all that kind of information!... ;o)


I have found it quite therapeutic to write my story, and to keep adding to it too, as and when I get little memories coming through.

I found that it helped ease everything going round and round in my head; however as you say, you have areas of time you just don't remember. That must be very difficult for you.

What works for one person does not always work for another though, but it might be worth a try one day.

Take care all

Kelley x

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Hi Louise,

I must be lucky enough that it did not affect my memory too much.

I do find I am struggling to think of the right words for things or people, more so than before the SAH!

Even if an object is right in front of me I might not recall the name for it initially! It is a little frustrating but I understand this is just a slight side-effect which is not going to impact my life massively. Most of the time I am ok.

Hi Cal,

Again I think I must be lucky, as the initial self-diagnosis of pulled neck muscle and subsequent mis-diagnosis from the doctors could have caused goodness knows what complications...but I am alive & kicking and doing well thus far.

Am hoping to go to Florida in late June for a nice break and to visit family out there for the first time ever!


Kelley x

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hi kel

i am surprised by not only your story but how you recollection of the whole episode thats not a rollercoaster ride but a nightmare to which i congratulate you on your recovery well done you welcome to btg i hope you find it informative and helpfull

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Hi Kelley :)

What a story! I wish I could remember half of the details that you have about your story. I too have problems remembering the words for some things. It gets a bit frustrating at times but fortunately everyone that I know understands and I have a bit of a laugh about when I really get stuck for a word.

I wish you well in your recovery :)

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Hi Kelley

I haven't posted anything on this site before, well that's not quite true I have posted my story twice but neither time has it got through! Whilst my story was not quite a long as yours(!), it did take some typing so I have given up on that for the time being.

There are a few similarities between your experience and my own, in that I was diagnosed incorrectly by a Doctor twice and I also rang NHS Direct in desperation, but they only told me to take less paracetamol - I wanted more pain killers not less!! Looking back, what I found most scary, was the fact that I rang 999 as the heamorrhage was happening and even the paramedic did not admit me to hospital, just saying "I could send you to hospital but you have probably got better things to do on a Saturday afternoon"!! I did eventually get to hospital, 6 days later, purely down to my parents (to whom I am eternally grateful) insisting that my GP get me seen by a specialist asap. I therefore consider myself to be very fortunate.

I hope your recovery continues to go well.


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Hi Kelley,

I too have read your "essay"! Apologies for not posting sooner, I seem to be having a very sleepy time right now. I saw my son off to school this morning, went back to bed, and have just woken up. Weird.

My first reaction is one of relief. Thank goodness that you persevered with presenting yourself to the medical people. I really can't understand how they all managed to mis-diagnose you for so long. Surely, surely the words "sudden onset headache" start alarm bells ringing?

Anyway, now that you have come through the worst your task is to be good to yourself as your brain takes its time recovering. As others have said, lots of fluids, and as much sleep as you need. I too found it quite theraputic (and emotional) writing my story down, and have been able to take a lot of strength and comfort from visiting BTG...so don't be a stranger!

I wish you all the best in your recovery,


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Hi Paul, Debbie & Celia,

Thanks for the welcome.

Hi Sarah,

Well I am glad you have posted a message on my story! It will be good to read yours, when you feel ready to try to post it again. I can't believe the paramedic said you would probably have better things to do on a saturday!!

(I wrote my story in Word first then copied and pasted it over, as I thought it would be good for spell-check and to make changes when re-reading it through)

Welcome to you too!

Hi Louise,

I am sure I will be ok with the remembering…in time!

I tend to remember things about 4 hours after I needed to! Lol… I can have a laugh about it though...and it is not much worse than I was before the SAH!...so not too much harm done! lol

Take care all


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