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Nose bleeds ?

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Hi all,

I'm probably worrying about nothing again, I do seem to make a habit of that nowadays, but does anyone else suffer with nosebleeds since the event? (probably 2 or 3 a week)

They have only started fairly recently, but I can't help thinking that the haemorrhage was caused by a burst blood vessel, a nose bleed is also caused by a burst blood vessel, is there a connection?

Just a thought, I wondered if anyone else suffers from nosebleeds, or does any one know of any research that confirms a correlation or refutes one.

I really don't want to bother my GP for something that is probably nothing.

Any info would be good



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Hi Adam,

I do get a little bit of blood when I blow my nose, since the SAH .... but, if you're getting full blown nose bleeds, then you definetly need to get it checked out with your GP....

As for a connection with a SAH I really don't know or perhaps some of us do have weakened blood vessels, I'm not a medic .... but, if you're losing a lot of blood, then you do need to go and see your GP, irrespective of any connection with the SAH and no, you're not being paranoid .....please make the appointment and get yourself checked out. xx

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Adam everyone has a weak blood vessel in the nose its known as a safety valve if it bleeds for a short length of time then it shouldn't be a problem but anything over 5mins should be looked at by your gp if its coming from the left nostril it may be necessary to have it cauterized but as you say two or three times a week then get it checked out with the gp take care

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Hi Adam :) i don't get nose bleeds very often at all....after a cold had a little bit when blowing my nose. I agree with Karen and Paul, 2-3 times a week i would go and get it checked out...just for piece of mind...take care Love Tina xx

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Hey Adam

I don't have them now - but used to get loads when I was a kid. Nosebleeds are caused by the bursting of tiny blood vessels in the nose, not arteries - I doubt there's any connection at all, but like the others have said - see you GP to express your concerns. if I've learnt one thing since my SAH, its that prevention is better than cure. The amount of times I've kicked myself in the last three years for not demanding an MRI scan when I had constant headaches for six months before my SAH!!!!!

Take care and try not to worry too much - but see your GP.

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Hi Adam,

I suffered nose bleeds for a year prior to my SAH, and always from the right nostril.

I went to my GP and was told that maybe I needed it cauterised.

I also had a massive nosebleed whilst in Germany on the monday before the SAH on the Friday...it lasted at least 20minutes and I had pressure in my head then, but as I had suffered for a year with them, sometimes 2 or 3 a week but some weeks none at all....very random and not always when I had blown my nose either...

I did say about it to the dr's consultants etc in the hospital but they didn't really advise whether it was anything to do with the aneurysm or the SAH?....

I would agree that you should get it checked out though.

Let us know what the Dr says about it. Unless you have a contact at the operating hospital who could advise?

I think I might mention again about all my nosebleeds when I finally get a follow-up appointment with the consultant at my operating hospital!...

Take care

Kel x

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