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Stomach cramps/ period pain feeling (sorry blokes!)

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Hi all

I've been having weird stomach cramps for a good few months. these are either spasmodic or they are like a dull ache (like period pain). I went to the docs last night as I assumed that it must have been related to my doc making me come off the pill.

Anyway he has given me tablets to see how I get on but he thinks it may be a central nervous system problem (from my SAH) linked to my spinal cord being damaged by the seepage of blood.

He says that if the tablets don't work, that only a full hysterectomy (spelling:lol:) would help. I'm not sure I want to cut off my chances but don't know!!! I can never go back on my pill so thats not an option.

Has anyone else experienced stomach cramps/ pain since SAH??

Thanks- Can't believe after over 3 years i'm still asking health related questions about my SAH!

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Hi Laura

This must be very upsetting for you and also very puzzling i have the odd crmping and as though someones got their hand in my stomach and moving it around i just put it down to me being me:roll:. The only thing is i had the marena(spelling) coil fitted in June last year cos of pain/heavy periods etc.

It all sounds a bit drastic though an hysterectomy?? I wonder what he means central nervous system damage we had the same artery SAH and they kept saying it was a massive bleed is there any chance he could give you more information???.

I hope you get some answers take care.

Love luck and laughter

Michelle c

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yes this is a fella butting in lol lin had the same before she had her sah and it was found to be endomeritous which the hospital sorted may i be so bold and recommend that you ask your gp to be referred to a gyne specialist at a hospital just to put your mind to rest as a hysterectomy is pretty drastic for a young lady to go through if its not necessary sorry for butting in on this thread his answer dosn't make sense sorry

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Hi Laura,

I've had problems (since teenage years) with ovarian cysts and that can start like having bad period pain ... and when I've had one burst it's felt like giving birth without the baby! I was diagnosed as having IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) for donkey's years and it wasn't until 15 years later, that I was admitted to hospital, after a cyst burst and the cause found, after having an internal scan.

A hysterectomy does seem pretty radical without ruling out all other causes first, especially if you're thinking about starting a family.


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Hi Laura,

Jumping straight to a hysterectomy does sound rather radical if you haven't had any other investigations yet.

My periods have become more regular yet distinctly more painful since my SAH. I haven't said anything to my GP as I still need to sort my headaches out.

I'd go back to your GP and ask for a referral for a scan at your local hospital. You may have developed polycystic ovaries or any number of things which do not require a hysterectomy - especially at your age.


Love and hugs,

Leo xxx

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