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Spelling, Writing and Speech

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Hi Debbie,


I had a real problem with spelling and finding the "right word" to use after the SAH. My speech or finding the right words can still be a bit sketchy when I'm tired or experiencing fatigue, but it has improved a heck of a lot in the last few years.

I had word perfect English and grammar before the SAH, so it came as a bit of a shock and I still struggle a bit with spelling and sentence structure and can often waffle and get things back to front or not make as much sense as I would like.


I don't or can't always find the right words and often mistake words that sound the same when I spell them, such as "no" and "know" or "new" and "knew" ... it's frustrating, but I know that I've improved, although I still find writing anything can be pretty exasperating, when I compare myself to what I was like before and didn't have to think about it.


Keep posting/writing on here Debbie and I'm sure that like a lot of us, you will find that it helps and when you look back at your old posts, you will see how much you've improved.

Wishing you well....xx :-D

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Hi Debi, merrill my wife is now 11 months on since her sah and she still has problems with her speech, often in the evening she seems to run out of breath before she finishes what she's saying and often slurs her words a little, and this i've only just started to notice just latley but often her spelling is wrong and her hand writing very shakey, I spoke to the o/t about Merrills speech and she's now being refered to a speech and language therapist perhaps you couls speak to one of the people who helps you to see if you can get a referal to some one who could help you


Best wishes Debi, Rod

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Hi Debbie


I still suffer from speech problems especially when I get tired and then everything comes out slurred.

My grammar is really bad now but more so with numbers it takes a while for me to comprehend how the number should be written that is why when I have to take numbers down they have to speak slowly so that I can register how to write them down.


I know how you feel because no one really understands, it's so frustrating when you want to say something and you simply can't.

Take care.

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Morning Debbie,


I have the same problems as you. When I am talking I will suddenly dry up and forget the next word to say. Sometimes I slur the last part of the sentence. My mind just seems blank nothing in the word bank to come out next.

When I try to write it is nearly unreadable, I have to get my wife to write anything important for me. My mind knows what I want to put down but my hand coordination is not there.


I hope it will improve as time goes on.

Don't be sad.

Good luck I hope things improve for you.

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Hello :)

It took me quite a while to be able to type a sentence on here! I am still not great but much improved.

I also forget the right word to use or make up a word completely! it is worse when I am tired or too much is going on, but again has much improved with time



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Nice from your letters. It make me feel a bit better. I have a nice day and my son came here to talk a few hours. Some time I feel the only person, I have also now have to take Epanutin. I am a happy person, I enjoyed my love, I enjoyed my boyfriend and enjoyed my son.

Really nice to talk to others. Thank you. I know that my job will be too hard, I love it.


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Another one here Debra, my difficulty with speech, finding the correct word and my understanding of grammar seem to have deserted me. It is the single most difficult thing for me as it was probably my strongest ability before the SAH. It is frustrating to say the very least but I am determined to get back as nearly as I can to the way I was before. friends tell me that I am improving very much (they can probably see what I cannot, if you see what I mean.


The one thing I really hang on to for support is the fact that our brains have what the medics call plasticity. What that means to us is that if one part is damaged beyond repair a different part of our brain will learn the task, so I reckon that it took me a long time to learn to talk, to read and to write etc when I was a little one, that my 'new' bit of brain will take just as long;-) It is hard to live with but we all will get there in the end, that isn't exactly what I mean but I bet you understand:-D

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Hi Debra


I was a secretary for most of my working life. My spelling and accuracy was never called into question. But now! when I first starting posting I would write notes on a piece of paper because I couldn't think about words and type, it was too hard. Even now I type my post and go back and have to edit it because of the spelling or because it doesn't make sense. There's no way I could take minutes anymore, that I think is gone and I can't see me ever being able to do that, not for a long long time.


The strange thing is I'm really accurate when it comes to numbers. Either putting information into the computer at work or doing the household budget. I was just ok with numbers before but this seems to have improved!


I still have problems with not finding words. I find small talk very difficult and still prefer to listen. It's a nightmare meeting someone for the first time and there are no words in my brain and there's an awkward silence! I'm completely rubbish with names!

You are not the only one!

Liz xx

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Hi Debra


I am very much like Sami; I have no specific problems with speech but occassionally when I'm tired I do struggle to find the right word, and it feels like my mind has gone blank searching for that particular word. On a couple of occassions I have struggled to speak clearly when i have been really tired, as my tongue feels like it has got a bit tied up!


Also when typing I miss words out, so I always try to re-read my messages before posting.

I am sure with practice you will keep getting better and better, and like Karen said; if you keep writing messages on here (as and when you can) you will always be able to look back on your old posts and see just how well you are doing.


Take care and try not to be too hard on yourself.

Kel x

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