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Keep a check on Blood Pressure

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Hi everyone. I would just like to pass on my recent experiences. Went to the doctor on Monday as I hadn't been feeling too well since I moved here in December.. Thought it was just down to the move but my blood pressure was very high, 180/105. I was immediately put on medication and it seems to have lowered it almost right away.

So I just thought I would share this with everyone as I thought I had everything covered!

Worthwhile keeping a check on it.

My symptoms were headache and fuzzy head, so I thought it was just a normal part of recovery as I had been told to expect headaches.

Bye for now momo.

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Hi momo high blood pressure seems to be very much a part of this illness for some people, Merrill has been very high although I was told by a doc that he would not be concerned untill hers reach 240/over something she's now about 140/90 and thats how it's been for a while now they never seem to check it enough for me, so i bought a monitor and used to check it daily when i told the doc that i'd kept a record of her b/p but a few days were missing because the machine went wrong she said GOOD, i don't think she likes me interfering, anyway glad to hear you are getting on ok Best wishes Rod

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Mine b/p was high about a year before sah so i bought a lloyds tester and was told to by my Gp. mine still differs everyday especially when i have pain it goes up and thats normal i am told. My radiologist said he would be happy if it was about 130-65 which the lowest i have had is 123-63 the highest 175-110 which is scary.

Louise the same happened to me it was so high.

Take care michelle x

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Hi Michelle

I have been on tablets for high BP for about 6 or 7 months now. I did have borderline-high BP readings for years, and then last year one of my doctors put me on tablets. The 3rd different tablet is the one I am back on now following the nimodipine after my op.

The day I was eventually diagnosed with SAH my BP wa 210/108, which is the highest it has ever been as far as I am aware. It was back at 135/78 last thursday, so fingers crossed it is stabilising again now.

My doctor today said I only need get it checked every 3 months for now, and if still ok then every 6mths


Kelley x

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I have been on 5 different tablets for high BP since my SAH apparently there is a problem with me getting high BP so I now need to keep visiting the cardiologists too. I do get stressed so quickly and nervous and this morning I was the same too which gave a reading of 193/121 I know I need to go back to GP regarding this but I won't let me stress about it too much.

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My blood pressure shot up 4 months after my SAH. It was through the roof at my hospital follow up appointment last July. The doc at the hospital got me a little worried with his reaction!! He told me to get straight to my GP and get it sorted, he then said that it was very dangerous for me!!! I had to reassure him that my GP was treating it and was tryng to get under control! No one has told me why is went up.

I take a beta blocker in the morning and an ace inhibitor in the evening. This medication slows me down and aggrivates the fatigued. I get my BP checked every month. I've been strict with my diet and even drink beetroot juice every day in the hope that I could get off these tabs. Nearly got the tabs reduced in December but stress at worked has knocked that into touch!!

Liz xx

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Hey Louise

They were wheeling me into have the angio with the B/p test still on my arm and they kept checking it until it would go a little lower but they were not happy......strangest thing tho was the angio hurt so much they thought and still do think that i was getting myself worked up which i wasn't and the results turned out to show i needed more coiling done it was the same pain as the sah but obviously on a smaller scale if you can have one:roll:. I then had 3 more coils put in.....i can tell you now i dont want the angio in 2011 as i have a neck on it:frown:.

I do take three bp tablets two ramipril and i indapamide.

Love Michelle xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Have just done my BP it was the same as usual, tonight it was 116/59 its about that every day at about 6 pm after dinner and Bath. Think thats ok so ive been told. I have my own BP machine which i had become rather addicted to but now i do it just once a day. LOL

I dont take BP tablets though I take aspirin and Statins and Perstatin.

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