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Cant believe its 24years


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Yesterday was 24 years WoW!!! I got quite a surprise the other day when Ronnie said ‘coming up on your 24 years I thought it was 23yrs so there you go ‘lost a year’ so to speak. 😉


Honesty here I guess the last 4/5years have been a turmoil in some ways Pandemic sort of was like the weapon that crashed it all for me….  I thought at first well I’m in the house on my own a lot so ‘Lock down’ should be a breeze how wrong was I like my hair I never noticed it coming I didn’t realize the impact it would have.  My independence hasn’t really recovered even now.


I went through quite an emotional time found out Ronnie was ill and I turned into the carer for him for a time which was an emotional challenge, at that time I missed Birthday’s Christmas and maybe other things too I don’t remember but my focus had to be on Ronnie after all he’d been with me every step of my journey it was my turn now.  So if I missed your birthday or anything that’s why, I wasn’t not speaking, I wasn’t in the huff was simply my focus was on Ronnie…


The Brain Haemorrhage has made me who I am today I’m no longer the timid person I used to be, some would say they couldn’t believe how I was SO different now those are the ones that ‘floated out my life’ those that have stuck by me for the long haul I appreciated that more than words can ever express so I’ll just say ‘You know just WHO YOU ARE’ and Thank-you from the bottom of my heart…


Add in the pandemic and lock down getting Jabs and Boosters that throw me into Bah-humbug stuff usually a re-action of some kind, all the time wondering if they’re really are OK and knowing that without it the Covid I had in Apr2022 might have been worse than it was, and it was pretty horrid the Neuro stuff lasted about 3months so that was a challenge.


My Auntie Lynn passed so no longer was there someone that could engage those memories of my past, Of times, places and most of all people that were around that was and is very hard.

Now I have had 24yrs of learning about the ‘new me’ adapting to her, working with her – has it been easy far from it but (in the words of my Uncle Bud) ‘it is what it is’- it’s with me 365 24/7 I get no time off from ME, and 24years on I am still learning, still adapting to thing but ‘I wouldn’t have it any other way’ I am who I am now and embrace it…


BTG: was a life-line for me in those exact words I found I wasn’t alone in how I felt or things able to achive, Karen, Sami, Keith and others all similar but all so much different…


I know there’s those that can’t get used to the new ‘you’ it took a long time for me to get used to her a very long time I would say find one thing that is ok’ish and go with that & build on it….Dont let what others think of you Define you, and they definatly don’t deserve a place in your ‘awesome life’ you’ve been given such a gift (a gift of life that many don’t get).


*******  To Ronnie without the help and support you have given me over the years I don’t know where or how I would be now, without your help and support and sometimes constant pushing has given me something that in early 2000’s I thought I would never have I owe you so much the me I am today, ok so I constantly talk when you’re doing your crossword, or watching a Movie or TV, I ask questions usually at the wrong times, I’m at times a Thorn in your side I know all that ‘it’s me – its who I am’.


You and I started of at work as Friends the true friendship isn’t about being there when it’s convenient, it’s about being there when it’s not.  And True friendships are the ones who lift you up, when no one else has noticed you’ve fallen….  You are all that and more you will forever be my BFF

I’ve tried with this post to be as frank as I can BE ups and downs of it..

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Hello Louise and well done 24 years on. You and Ronnie have so much to be proud of as you've both negotiated so many years of recovery.


You are right, it is very much a joint effort to live through the highs and lows of these early years and beyond. Coping and adjusting to the changes SAH has forced on you takes courage, determination and sensitivity beyond your wildest dreams.

Patience and relationships are often stretched to breaking point.


So glad you were there too for Ronnie.


Puting together your post (so well written) shows your amazing recovering when you consider the difficulties you faced posting in those early days as a BTG member. Over the years your input, advice and support to others have been such a valued part of what the BTG community is all about.


Thank you for your frankness and keep on keeping on. 😊






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Congratulations lovely Lousie ❤️ on your 24th year anniversary xx

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and journey.

Also thank you for all your caring helpful support to me in my early days, it meant so much xx


Here's to many more anniversaries :) 


Take care

Love Tina xx



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Congratulations Loobie    I remember when we all first joined - you weren't that long after me.  I'd only just had my SAH but you were already years ahead and were a massive help.


You've been through so much since but you've always fought and have continued to support anyone here who needs it. You're amazing xxx

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