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Just graduated/ Discharged!!

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Hello all. Great news, I have been discharged from my neuro rehab programon Tuesday. I am now able to sustain activity for 6 hours and have regained control of my emotions. (Not crying at the drop of a hat) I need to keep on my cog program for life to stay sharp, but wow do I ever feel better. It was a great program but I hated it!:biggrin: You know what that's like I am sure. Now I am going to write a book and become a motivational speaker. Thank God I had an SAH otherwise I wouldn't have anything to share about what I've learned so far.

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Good Morning to you.:biggrin:

What a positive attitude you are giving off.:lol:

I am very pleased for you to hear that you have finished your Rehab programme. Going to write a book sounds fantastic. Is it about your SAH experience or a novel. If its about motivation you sound to have the perfect tools for the job.:-P

Good luck in your new venture and good luck for a very long and healthy future.:lol:

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Wow! That's fantastic!! You're giving me hope - the more I try and do, the more I realise I can't do it... FOR NOW, but to know there's light at the end of the tunnel, that's so reassuring.

And Karen, I also give thanks that BTG exists because it must be very hard to go it alone. Thank you!

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Hey Linda

Nice to have you back and with such good news too!!! Well done you - brilliant. So pleased for you hun. As for the book, cracking idea - I've often thought about it but its finding the time really.

Keep up the good work xx

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You are such an inspiration!! Remind us again, how long was your neuro rehab program and what did it consist of? I’m looking forward to reading ‘Your Story’ as a prelude to your book!!

The only rehab I received came in the form of physio in the acute stage, other than that, I just pulled myself up and got on with life! However, five and a half years pass and suddenly, Winchester Clinical Psychology department, are offering cognitive testing and support. Today, my first session, focused on short & long term memory; which I found gruelling heavy work. Next Friday’s will be on assessing skills at decision making, organisation and planning. With these results it is hoped a programme will be designed specifically to meet my cognitive needs! My memory once was brilliant and if they can devise a program to recover it, that would be magic! I don’t think it’s ever too late to repair and strengthen these core skills, and as you say, we should all keep on a cognitive program for life!!

Anya xx

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