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slower healing?

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Sorry this must be my week for quesitons! Has anyone noticed that they seem to be healing slower than nornal since their op? I still have lots of needle marks in my wrist where they attempted to put lines in & they are as clear as day even over 2 months later. I also had a line put in my clavical artery (shoulder) with the long line on & this was stitched to keep it in place ( I have terrible veins so hence the needle marks of failed attempts). The stiches were removed 5 weeks ago but the scars are taking a long time to heal, the marks are still clear & scabbed.

I normally seemed to heal pretty quick so I wondered if it was someting anyone else had noticed? I'm not overly worried yet but just curious!

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hi bagpuss

yes you will heal slower than before the sah this is because a lot of hormones have been suppressed because of what you have gone through and its going to take time for this to correct itself i think it would be prudent to see your gp and have a blood test to make sure you haven't gone anemic i believe this is a fairly common event after sah and it also relates to the sensitivity of your scar all scars ich like crazy during the healing process

so recommend popping into gp and ask for a blood test the central line you had put in will take quite a while to fade but it will take care

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Hey Gill

The only difference I've noticed is that it takes me longer to get over an illness or shake things off - currently being tested for possible ceolic disease but GP is hoping it's a bug in my stomach that I can't fight off because my system has been weakened by the SAH.

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I think I eill go tomorrow as the nurse specialist if off until WEdnesday. It's not the scar apparently but there is a sore spot by my ear which is tender & goes across part of my cheek so I need her to look at that too:frown:

Not full of the joys of spring today:crazy:

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