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strange feeling in leg

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Has anyone had a problem with a strange feeling down leg, its sort of like pins and needles but not quite. It started yesterday and again today. I havent had any problem walking or problems with my legs since SAH so its probably not connected. But any strange feeling I get makes me paranoid now. I convince myself its something bad.

I probably sound nuts.

Tracy S xx

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Hi Tracy,

No way do you sound nuts. I've had a similar feeling in my little finger for months now. Over time it has become constant and is now up as far as my elbow. Saw the gp who sent me to the local clinic and it seems it could be a trapped nerve in the elbow area. I'm now waiting for word to have some sort of scan on it, which will determine if it needs operated on. If it persists I would recommend asking your gp about it sooner rather than later. I waited ages and think I could have avoided the possible op if I'd gone to him earlier. Hope it's something and nothing. Fingers crossed.

Sally xx

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Hi Tracy,

You sound like me getting paranoid about everything and anything that doesn't appear quite normal. I don't suppose we would be like this now if we hadn't had the damn sah in the first place. I have had strange sensations in my legs since my sah but probably not quite how you have described it - it probably lasted about 6 months but I have not had it at all lately. I do however have a completely dead arm quite freqently which always happens while I am asleep and it occurs nearly every night. I am not very alert when it wakes me up, but it feels like the blood supply has been cut off and straigtening my arm and wiggling it about seems to bring it back to life. I did think I must be lying on it and trapping it somehow for this to happen, but it has happened whilst I have been asleep in an arm chair with my arms in front of me so I'm not sure if that is what is causing it. This never happened pre sah but it is beginning to concern me a little because of the frequency. When I saw the Neurologist earlier this week regarding the onset of migraine aura since sah, I was asked if I suffered any numbness at all, so I mentioned this - he made a written note of it but never said anything to me that made me feel I should be concerned.

Anyway I think if it continues and you are concerned then ask your GP - a good GP would surely understand any concern we have after what we have been through.


Just seen your last post - that sounds more like what I experienced.

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Hi Tracy

The first thing I would do, is book an appointment with your GP. Telling him/her everything.

This I would do, if only to put your mind at rest. You Wont be wasting anybody's time.

It will also ease your concerns

The "Pins & Neddles" feeling, could be "Nerve Damage Repair" the body repairing itself, or could be caused by staying in one position too long.

I also get "Pins & Needles" in my Feet & Legs, but I know now, thats sitting incorrectly for too long, small walk sorts that out--In my fingers or hand, gentle rub usually does the trick.

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