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Over emotional/bursting into tears

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Hi everyone

I just wanted to ask if anyone else has felt like this? I spent most of today at work in tears. I've not been feeling depressed but more very emotional lately. It's coming up to the anniversary of my SAH, also a friend's partner died suddenly from a SAH last week. Then today a couple of more minor things happened - the laundry where I had put in a big service wash had a fire and I'm not sure if my washing survived and then on top of that I had computer/printer difficulties at work. It's quite a new job and I've just been there for a couple of months. My colleagues are really nice but when everyone was being so helpful today, it started me into floods of tears and it went on all day. I really don't know what it was all about but I couldn't stop crying.

People at work must think I am on the verge of a breakdown but I don't feel like that and in fact feel a lot better after my cry. I am now totally embarrassed.

I don't know if this relates solely to SAH but I was wondering if any (more likely to be women?) have ever cried at work or in public place and any tips for keeping emotions in check?

Sorry for going on.

Warm wishes


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Anne just had too reply. After what has been happening too you lately, you deserve a good cry. Things just seem to be getting on top of you and you have to release the stress somehow.

I don't know if it is to do with the SAH but for the first couple of months i cried at anything (which is very unlike me), some things that never got to me before make me well up now, it makes my girlfriend laugh and then i laugh and it passes.

I know that you are way down the road in your recovery but who knows what has changed for the good or bad. Everyone has too find a way of dealing with things, better crying than punching !!!!

Don't take it out on yourself, give yourself a break.

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Hi Anne,

I know that you've been through a hard time of late .... and I really wouldn't worry too much about it, as emotions are always better out, than kept in and it's a healthy way to deal with things.

I've always been pretty sensitive and prone to tears before the SAH .... and even worse now... but, what you've been through lately, would be enough for most of us to have a damned good bawl! :wink:

I wouldn't worry too much about your work colleagues and I'm sure that they will understand ... they've probably forgotten about it already!

If there's anything that I can do, then you know where I am..... hugs coming your way...xx

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Hi Anne

Youve had a lot on at the moment, you deserve a cry.

Im only 4 months gone now and emotional over everything, i was crying watching the 2 mins silence on tv yesterday. I find it harder to cope whento many things happen at once.

Also noise, cant stand to many noises at once .

I seem to feel much better after a cry maybe its just a way of getting things out.

Try not to worry hopefully it will pass.

Tracy S xx

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I agree with the others it's better out than in. I agree though I am more tearful post SAH than before & have more downs which seem further down. I have to say you have good reason to be tearful with all that lot on your plate, even per SAH it is lot to cope with emotionally.

People at work are probably concerned about you more than anyhitng else & i'm sure they understand what you've been going through is tough

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Hello Anne,

Sorry I haven't been in contact with you before, especially as we live within a reasonable distance of each other. After reading Karens reply to you, I tried to look back on your posts to catch up with you. I haven't been able to read them all, but I do hope it wasn't your friend Sandras' partner who passed. That would make me query his treatment over the last while.

You said , it's coming up to an anniversary of your SAH. I beleive we all use these dates to 'measure' ourselves. I think this is something we should try to avoid doing and, at present, I've been convincing myself, 'this is it... this is me forever now'. After reading one of your postings and another , which was posted this week, I have been given hope that things will still improve.

I am wondering, did you tell your new employer of your SAH before taking your job? If people are exeptionally nice without that knowledge, That would make me teary too. I think we just appreciate things more after experiencing 'near death'. Sorry to put it like that, but I'm often lost for the right words. I know what I want to say, but can't satisfy myself with my choice of phrasing.

I'm guessing you didn't tell them, and I applied for a job yesterday without disclosing that info too. The reason for this is , we don't want special treatment, we want to be 'normal' .But, We only upset ourselves, if we feel we're getting it wrong. Don't beat yourself up because of a slight default. You have obviously done amazingly well to get the job and manage for so long without any troubles. Hope I can do that too.

Your little cry can only be a good sign that you appreciate how human nature is sometimes a really good thing. Isn't it great to be aware of that? So many people are not. It's not their fault. But, I believe, It's a lesson we all will learn, one way or another.

Don't be embarrassed, be proud of what you've achieved already.

Take care,

Sally xxx

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